Shareify Review

Shareify Review



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So I was not going to review anything for a few days then I saw Shareify and as it’s something I’m working on right now, well. Here is my Shareify Review.

Alright firstly at the time of writing this I have not seen the full sales page for Shareify but as I don’t review sales pages that should not matter anyway!

Now the reason that I decided to take a few hours out of my weekend to have a look at Shareify is because right now I am creating my first course for this platform, I am about half way through and am planning on having it uploaded at the beginning of next week.

Shareify Review

Shareify Review


So what platform does Shareify teach you about? It’s all about Skillshare, which is a platform that is very similar to Udemy. Now if you don’t know what either of these are then the best way to explain them are Online Learning Centres where people sign up to watch your video courses!

Now as I already said Shareify caught my eye because I am going to start creating another online income stream using Skillshare. I have already been talking to one of the co-owners about the best type of course of to get started with and I wanted to see if Shareify could teach me a few before I upload my first course next week!

Now even though I have been preparing and studying everything Skillshare recently so that I am prepared to hit the ground running I have to say that Shareify did indeed teach me some rather cool new tricks!

Now if you have never heard of Shareify or Skillshare I would advise you to have a look at the actual platform. You can see my profile all ready to go right here –

Now basically how the whole payment part goes is that there are about 2,000 free classes and about 15,000 Premium classes. So you can join up for free and watch all the free classes or become a paid / premium member and if you choose to become a premium member for about $12 a month then half of the fee is given to the teachers with the most amount of classes and minutes watched.

Shareify Review

Shareify Review


Now becoming one of those teachers that make good money from this platform looks quite tricky and that is what Shareify is going to teach you all about.

Inside the members area of Shareify there are 9 HD videos plus a Facebook mastermind group. The video training is very thorough and is taught by Greg who to date has made well over $6500 dollars which is basically passive income.

Now one of the biggest factors that Shareify has going for it is that you get to watch someone who is currently making good passive money from this platform and he walks you through every step that he does including the best way to find ideas for courses which gave me a lot of good ideas!

Also Greg mentions two of the main reasons that Skillshare is such a good idea and why I am getting started right now.

Firstly Skillshare is not completely saturated by Internet Marketers and also your video courses only have to be 10 minutes long meaning that you can upload a lot of very short videos using the Shareify method.

So here is my final Shareify Review! The platform in Shareify is kind of like uploading videos to YouTube and getting paid for it. Also it is my next BIG project and I spent hours talking to the owners and investigating the potential so I know that Shareify will work and I think it is a great idea!

Remember to check me out and follow me and when I upload my first course which is also going to be getting launched as a product you can get completely free access. Don’t miss out as I will be giving the first 25 people free access before making it a premium / paid course –


OTO 1 is a Shareify Double your profits which include advanced marketing techniques!


OTO 2 is complete done-for-you solution that will allow you to remove the hassle of creating your own courses from scratch and fast-track your results. (Basically upload and profit)


OTO 3 is 1 on 1 coaching with Greg. (as long as the coaching is with Greg it should be good. I know someone who is charging $600 for 1 on 1 Skillshare coaching right now and his students have been having some great first Months)





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