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As you know I started this site by reviewing both of my new products and the reason that I have waited until now to make my first post on someone elses product was because I wanted it to be something very very special from people that have a proven track record and most importantly something that I will be using to make money with.   I give to you Simple CPA Machines

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  Now Simple CPA Machines has a ton of affiliates behind it and the product creation ‘cliche’ are really pushing this one. Normally if the ‘Gurus’ get behind a huge launch like this I stay away…but I got a copy of Simple CPA Machines and I have to say it is like a breath of fresh air.

To be totally honest if this review is slightly rushed then it is only because I want to get out and start setting up my own Simple CPA Machines myself…   Simple CPA Machines is a video course about FB marketing which I normally shy away from. The only time that I use FB ads are when getting likes for a few pages that I have.

I told you I would not BS you and tell you that something was good if I wouldn’t use it myself. Well as a CPA enthusiast who has had a few decent payouts from Maxbounty and Peerfly, well watching those videos just tripped a switch on in my head. This has been shown to work and with my years of Internet Marketing I can tell you that Simple CPA Machines WILL work and work well.

The name CPA may be a little misleading as you can use these methods on any affiliate network you want.   This is about setting up small niche selected campaigns and getting super cheap clicks to get a crazy ROI!!
The basic layout of the main Simple CPA Machines is this…

Video 1 – Welcome video with overview

Video 2 – Choosing a niche

Video 3 – Getting into the mind of your audience

Video  4 – Choosing your offers

Video 5 – Setting up your first campaign (traffic)

Video 6 – Knowing your numbers

Video 7 – Scaling it up

Video 8 – Outsourcing

There are of course a few OTO’s and they go like this…

OTO 1 ($17) – Special Profit Booster Training + Case Studies This OTO is highly relevant to the front end, it will teach your subscribers how to make x3 more using retargeting and they’ll also get few case studies that they can use themselves.

OTO 2 ($37) – Complete Done-For-You DFY on steroids. Over 30 landing page templates, done for you copy for landing pages in different niches, done for you keywords and demographics for top niches, done for you campaigns, done for you offers, done for you banners, fill in the blank email sequence

I am not normally a huge fan of OTO’s especially if it could have been in the front end product but these are pretty worthwhile additions and will help the beginner to get a quick boost. Okay, I am sorry to make this review a bit short but I really do want to try out these little Simple CPA Machines…

Ohhhh….before I forget, I know that most reviewers will be offering you amazing bonuses (which by the way are just cheap PLR products that I can show you where to get for free).

Well as you know the first 2 products that I reviewed were my own. The Golden Niche List is still selling and has not had one bad review and it would be very useful to have to go along with this product so if you buy through my link you will get a FREE copy of my best selling WSO


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