Simple CPA Profits Review

So another CPA product from CPA marketer Tyler Pratt called Simple CPA Profits. CPA is a very popular niche right now that people are making a ton of cash from using both free and paid methods to drive the needed GEO traffic. Simple CPA Profits is a decent product for the beginner, well the first 3/4 of the PDF is anyway.

In the first part of Simple CPA Profits you will learn the basic CPA formula that every CPA marketer needs to learn (that is why until he mentions the campaign and and traffic source this is very newbie stuff). Simple CPA Profits provides a valuable list of tools both free and paid that you will need to get started in your new business as a CPA marketer.

Simple CPA Profits also contains a lot of the interesting techniques that Tyler is teaching to his students right now. I know that this is true because I have a friend who is being coached by Tyler and has said that his one on one coaching is very good, so for this cheap price you will be getting some of the important details that his students are paying a ton for.



Inside Simple CPA Profits there is a template that can be copy pasted, this template was responsible for a 6 figure campaign and after looking at it I can see how it can turn any failing campaign into a winner…this is now the more advanced part now.

I also liked inside Simple CPA Profits the part where Tyler teaches us how to clear our heads of information overload and start to make a very clear plan on how to structure our business so that we can finally get started without any distractions and build our super successful CPA campaigns.

There are many little tricks and tips that are very often get left out of CPA courses but inside Simple CPA Profits you will learn how to go from 0 to $300 within a week and the great thing is that the money that you make with the methods in Simple CPA Profits you can reinvest straightaway into more traffic and keep scaling up and up…this is what I like about so much about CPA. The levels are insane that you can scale it too if you have the proper guidance which Simple CPA Profits gives you.

OK, so now lastly my favourite part of Simple CPA Profits and that is that it is kept very simple with only 1 campaign being shown and only one cheap traffic source being shown….this I like so much because this is a campaign that will convert with the traffic that is being suggested and this is your time to scale it all up. Yes, you can scale the same campaign up and up just by creating different campaigns for the same offer.



Simple CPA Profits started off very basic for me with things that are common knowledge though I did learn a few things regarding the free tools but when Simple CPA Profits got the 1 offer and how to scale that one offer with traffic that will for sure convert because it has already been tested by Tyler that is when Simple CPA Profits got interesting for me!

Simple CPA Profits is great for the complete beginner or for the more experienced CPA marketer to see which very profitable offer and campaign that are converting like crazy…

OTO 1 is a done for you campaign (always useful and will help you get started even quicker)

OTO 2 is a coaching session and access to Tyler’s members area!


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