Simple Social Tools Review

Simple Social Tools Review – If you do any kind of Facebook marketing then you need this tool!


In this Simple Social Tools Review I am going to be straight up and say right now that this software blew me away!

It is an absolute Monster at what it does. Some people say that automation is a spammy way to work but I disagree especially when Simple Social Tools behaves like a human.

Simple Social Tools is brought to us by Demetrius D-Papa who was also the guy behind a software that I could not live without, TrafficZion!

Simple Social Tools Review

Simple Social Tools Review – Chatting with Demetrius


So by the headline you will have guessed that Simple Social Tools is about Facebook and automating lots of aspects which I will explain a bit more shortly.

I have review access just now of Simple Social Tools but I will be buying myself a copy as the power to organize and get proven buyers on your account is crazy.

Before checking out what Simple Social Tools can do I was going to have my virtual assistant start organizing my Facebook as it’s a mess right now.

Simple Social Tools Review

Simple Social Tools Review


I have over 200 pending friend requests and I don’t know if they are buyers or not or students or spam.

So the first thing that Simple Social Tools does is it will with one click of a button delete all your pending friend requests if you want to.

The next thing that Simple Social Tools does is it can send a private message to every body on your friends list or you can set it to only send messages to people who joined after a certain date.

If you cant see the power of that then keep reading. Now Remember that you don’t want to spam your timeline with lots of affiliate promos or offers…it looks spammy!

Simple Social Tools Review

Simple Social Tools Review


So what I would do using the Simple Social Tools software is to invite everyone into my Facebook group!

Now why would they want to join?

Well besides my Facebook group being amazing and full of cool people I have a file section that contains free training’s and products!

That’s the first thing that I would do with Simple Social Tools.

The next part which is a real game changer for everyone…even beginners, is that Simple Social Tools allows you to go to a post that is popular and in your niche and with one click of a button add all those people as friends.

The great thing that I have already said about Simple Social Tools is that it does not do it too fast so that Facebook gets suspicious but does it at a rate that looks normal.

So no matter what niche you are in Simple Social Tools will automate your whole Facebook marketing.

Simple Social Tools will also go and like random things so that it looks like you are interacting with other people.

Now if you are already a marketer who uses Facebook I don’t really need to tell you how powerful Simple Social Tools is!

Simple Social Tools Review

Simple Social Tools Review


If you are a complete beginner Simple Social Tools is going to allow you build a group of people on Facebook and interact with them all with a few clicks…

Having a following on Facebook is huge. I know many marketers that get more sales on their Facebook than they do from their big lists.

I have not even looked at the sales page of Simple Social Tools, I just went straight to testing the tool out. The tool is actually not something that you need to download to your desk top or anything complicated.

Simple Social Tools is a Google Chrome extension that takes a few seconds to install then you add in your key to make it yours!

My overall Simple Social Tools review is that this a Monster with capabilities that I never even dreamed of before. I will 100% be using this in my own business and in my dogs Facebook profile (Yes my dog has his own Facebook profile ? )


There are a few OTO’s or Upsells but I didn’t even look at them (I think with this tool and my bonuses are all that you need)…though I will list them below!


OTO 1 of Simple Social Tools is called Affiliate Marketing Blueprint!


OTO 2 of Simple Social Tools is called Marketing boot camps!


OTO 3 of Simple Social Tools is a Reseller Partner Program!







FIVE Full Facebook Training Courses with ALL OTO’s (These are all very different courses that contain 20+ PDF’s. 40+ videos on all the different ways to use Facebook to build a business. Including Facebook Lives, FB FanPages, FB ads, FB groups and SO much more. This is a huge amount of info that you can refer back to anytime)


Facebook List Monster (Full Software and PDF Instructions on how to build a list from your friends and followers on Facebook. This allows you to get their real emails that they use and helps set up a lead magnet)


Social Media List Building PRO (10 video training course – resource report – social media swipe kit – top forums and blogs – keywords – images – graphics – This is a full business in a box that you can use to grow your list from ALL social media profiles)


Entrepreneurial Step by Step To Success (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This is perfect for all the people who want to achieve the dream of working from home but are just missing a solid plan to get there. I used this myself)


Social Marketing Dominate (main course PDF + 2 other packed PDFs + 10 videos. This goes into great detail but the main ideas and concepts are building an Empire through social media)


Building A Power Online Brand (Full PDF training including – Cheat Sheet – Checklist – Lead Magnet and Optin Page – Images pack. SO many people underestimate the power of having a successful brand and sticking to it so that you become known as your brand. Branding has helped me build my businesses to over 6 Figures a year)


WP Ebook Maker (a WordPress Plugin that you can use to make any page or post into an eBook. This is great for creating valuable eBooks that you can add to your group of just giveaway on Facebook to build trust)


Power Affiliate Marketing (Full course PDF training – 10 HD videos that will teach you everything that you will need to know about becoming a full time affiliate marketer. Designed for both beginners and more advanced marketers)


Facebook and CPA Marketing Combined (6 video course on how to use Facebook to promote CPA offers. Straight to the point training that is perfect if you want to go down the route of adding in CPA to your income stream)


JVzoo Marketing Mastery (10 HD videos. Jvzoo is one of the biggest affiliate networks around and this shows you how to get started as both a vendor and an affiliate. An interesting look inside this huge network)







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