Six Figure Influx Review

Six Figure Influx Review

Six Figure Influx has been just released by Glynn Kosky and while I don’t know Glynn reading the sales page of Six Figure Influx will tell you basically nothing about the actual method and what you will be doing to make the promised money….

Well as usual I will tell you and let you know exactly what you will be doing and of course provide you with some super cool bonus products that will help your learning curve and help you get ahead in Six Figure Influx.

Now firstly the free traffic source is YouTube, surprise, surprise! Now of course that does not make Six Figure Influx a bad product but I just don’t see the reason why it can’t be mentioned on the sales page….

Six Figure Influx Review


Now before I go on to tell a bit about the method there is one thing that made me laugh on the sales page – one of the things that you will not need to do is launch jacking but funnily enough when you watch the video on the sales page it goes into great detail about using Warrior Plus so even though Six Figure Influx doesn’t actually teach you to launch Jack you will not exactly be promoting old offers from Warrior Plus, you will be promoting the newest offers otherwise it is very doubtful that you will make any sales!





So anyway Six Figure Influx is about using a variety of affiliate and CPA platforms to promote offers through YouTube, now similar methods have been released many times before in 1 form or another but I have to say that if you don’t know this method or are trying to grow a YouTube business then Six Figure Influx could help you along quite a bit as there are a lot of training videos that really lay everything out for you and show you the Six Figure Influx possibilities!

The main course consists of 18 videos (none of them too long, so easy to watch and follow) and also a Diagram and a Glossary of Terms such as what is a URL or what is cloaking etc.


OTO 1 is Done for You Campaigns (always useful to get started)

OTO 2 is Done for you Email Training and Campaigns!




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