Smart Funnelz Review

Smart Funnelz Review


Customer Service




Value For Money



  • Follow the training and this is proven to work!


  • More traffic options would have been good BUT I added in some great bonuses to make this a full business in a box! Scroll to the bottom to see!

Read or watch my Smart Funnelz Review to see why after a bit of doubt I think that this could be a great way to capture REAL BUYERS!



Firstly I am sure that you have all seen the demos on the sales page of Smart Funnelz so I wont just repeat them back to you.

The reason that I had my doubts about Smart Funnelz was the quiz aspect of Smart Funnelz.

I never do online quizzes so that put me off but after talking to some other marketers who do use the quiz type of funnel or lead capture I changed my mind a bit.

Smart Funnelz Review

Smart Funnelz Review


I still dislike quizzes as I don’t have the time but for them but my Wife is always doing them and so do the people in some Facebook groups that she is in or manages.

Now when I asked my Wife which email address me puts in when doing them I was surprised to hear that she puts in her real email and that is what made me reach out to other marketers about Smart Funnelz and quizzes…

Smart Funnelz Review

Smart Funnelz Review


As you know Smart Funnelz creates high converting funnels and gives you the ability to add in quizzes rather than the usual squeeze page.

Now why is it so important and clever to get the persons real email address as Smart Funnelz does?

Well lets take this very site that you are on, I have a squeeze page on it and a pop up on it!

Smart Funnelz Review

Smart Funnelz Review


The list for this site is about 5k people and Id say at least half gave a bogus email or one they never use just to get the free training that I am offering.

These people are what are called “Freebie Seekers”.

Now what Smart Funnelz and the whole concept is, which I just really figured out and love the idea is that when people sign up for a quiz they give their main email so rather than getting old or never used emails you get that persons direct email…

So in essence Smart Funnelz is creating a list of buyers for you.

Of course Smart Funnelz is great at making funnels with a few clicks so is also a huge time saver.

If you don’t know what a funnel is then its where you collect peoples emails and then redirect to them to an upsell or a sales page or as many places as you want really.

Smart Funnelz Review

Smart Funnelz Review


If you are serious about building a list which you really should be then Smart Funnelz is a very quick and easy to use option.

The other thing that I liked about Smart Funnelz is that every funnel that you create is hosted for you by the creators so no cost for you.

Glynn and Leigh have been creating interesting and popular software’s for a while now. I have not reviewed them all because some didn’t interest me so much but one that I really did like and have used after the launch is Affiliate Traffic Lab.

I hope that my Smart Funnelz Review helped you by giving you ideas, I thought it better than just re writing the sales page ? In the video above I will show you the software and training that comes with Smart Funnelz.


OTO 1 of Smart Funnelz is a set of complete Done For You Funnels!


OTO 2 of Smart Funnelz is the Platinum version which includes extra templates and the ability to host unlimited funnels.


OTO 3 of Smart Funnelz is all about using the software for eCom, extra features related to eCom and Paid traffic. (I thought this was interesting)


OTO 4 of Smart Funnelz is an automated free Done for you traffic stream! (sounds great but I have not tested so cant say if its great or not!)






Firstly the Vendor Bonuses!


Traffic Takeover (This is a software that is still for sale and allows to pull traffic from other sites. I was surprised that Glynn gave me this a bonus!)

Next are most of Glynns top selling products…

$300 CPA Everyday

$500 CPA Everyday

CPA Coffee Shop Method

$200 Cash Hack

$2K CPA Traffic Jacker

$250 Cash Magnet

The Commission Glitch

Six Figure Influx

Million Dollar Toolbox

Overnight Commissions

Commission Toolbox

Pure Profit Payday

$100 CPA Daily

Commission Profit Hack

Instant Traffic Jacker

The Commission Magnet

The Commission Blueprint


Now For the bonuses from my personal collection!


Amazon Affiliate Profits (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 16 HD videos. This is the latest full packed course on how to use multiple methods to earn easy affiliate commissions from Amazon)


Azon Niche MEGA Pack (Azon WP Deals Plugin – Azon WP Notify PRO Plugin – Azon WP Premium Theme – Azon Niche Research Guide – Azon Camera Niche Pack – Azon Christmas Toy Niche Pack – Azon Halloween Niche Pack)


Shopify BluePrint (4 HD videos that will help you get started with Shopify and finding the best products that will sell like crazy – A great start into eCom and Shopify)


WordPress Super Fast Track To Success (31 HD videos that anyone can go from a complete beginner to an advanced WordPress user. All the tips and tricks that most WordPress training leave out. This packed training goes all the way from buying a domain right up to creating a membership site or basically any type of site that you want. I even learnt a lot from this massive training)


Facebook List Monster (Full Software and PDF Instructions – Get Real Email Addresses From Your Visitors. Build Your List with REAL Email Addresses and Reach Your Subscribers in Many Different Ways!


Alibaba Extreme Profit System (a 12 HD intensive Video training that will teach you everything you will need to know from finding products to sell, which niches to use, having your products shipped, receiving payment, setting up your Alibaba Trade Account and so so much more)


Google Complete Domination (14 HD Video Training on Everything you will ever need to know about Ranking, SEO and Working With Google + 10 Step by Step PDFs + The Google Masters Blueprint PDF – Everything you will ever need to know about Google, SEO and So Much More – Great for Beginners to Advanced Marketers)


Instagram Traffic Magic (10 HD video course on how to use Instagram, how to drive traffic and get sales from CPA to Amazon Affiliates – You will not believe the potential power of this under used platform!)


Authority Traffic (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. A complete 8 detailed part step by step full website training crash course. If you want to learn how to use the most powerful traffic available to boost your website traffic this packed course will get you teach you everything you need to know, I use many of these same methods on my own sites!)


Click HERE To Get ALL The Bonuses Above!




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