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I wasn’t going to review Snap Affiliate Profits simply because it is about a topic that we have covered many times on this site but so many of my regular readers asked me to have a look at Snap Affiliate Profits that I decided to grab a review copy.



Now the sales page doesn’t tell you what the traffic source is in Snap Affiliate Profits but I think it is kinda important to let you know as many of you have bought products that explain how to use this traffic source already, which I have already highly recommended.

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So what is this magic traffic source where you can get highly targeted traffic for 0.10c per click…drum roll…BING. Yes that is correct Snap Affiliate Profits is about Bing. For those that have already bought a product about Bing I wouldnt stop reading just yet…

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For those who have never been on my site before, welcome and let me tell you a bit about this course Snap Affiliate Profits. All the courses that I have reviewed before about Bing have been PDF’s and I think that many people may have had trouble working out how to use the actual platform (even though I always provide an up to date video course in my Bonuses, which I will do again this time).


Snap Affiliate Profits is an over the shoulder 10 module video course that goes very deep into why people are using Bing to make a ton of cash. I have tried Bing out and made a very good ROI though I only paid $5 for $100 ad spend. That is one of the best things about Bing at the moment, and Snap Affiliate Profits shows you this but the thing is that because they are backed by Microsoft who are trying everything to compete against Google it is very easy to get free coupons for ad spend.



I simply went onto Fiverr and bought $100 of Bing ad spend for $5, created my campaigns and ended up making around $350 in profit so I know that it can be done and I have to admit that Snap Affiliate Profits really does break down Bing so that you will have no problem getting set up whether it is to promote CPA, affiliate offers or even building your list, Snap Affiliate Profits goes into the most detail that I have seen on the subject of Bing so far.

What I really liked about Snap Affiliate Profits is that it breaks down Internet Marketing into its most basic form which is really about how much time or in this case money do I need to spend to make such and such or how much money do I believe that every subscriber I get is worth to me.



As I said Snap Affiliate Profits is broken down into 10 easy to follow video modules. Now as over 40% of you guys are returning readers last I checked you will most likely know that I prefer PDF’s unless it is about something very “Techy”.

Well actually setting up a campaign on Bing is not so easy as for the first time user and the platform can be quite tricky. While going through the modules in Snap Affiliate Profits I actually had a LOL moment because when I was setting up my first campaign there was a part where I didnt know what to press and had to use my own bonus product to find the answer and there it was in Snap Affiliate Profits.

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The only real downside to Snap Affiliate Profits (if you can call it that is that it is a PPC network so you will need a bit of an ad budget (though very little because you will either be able to get free ad credit from your hosting and multiple other places for free or you can do what I did and get a coupon from Fiverr). Then by the time you have done that you will have the money to reinvest in yourself.

When I say that with Snap Affiliate Profits that you can reinvest and get to over $1000 a day easily I am not joking…


Without going through each of the 10 modules one by one I will just give you an overview of what to expect from Snap Affiliate Profits. With Snap Affiliate Profits you will learn how to set up real profit creating campaigns in 20 minutes or less. You will learn extremely detailed keyword research (which can make or break your campaigns). You will learn super advanced tracking and targeting information (for me this is worth the cost of Snap Affiliate Profits alone).


Snap Affiliate Profits will teach you about outsourcing for Pennies and full automation…which of course leads to you making money while sitting back and relaxing. You will also learn how to consistently make campaigns that spit out 300% ROI. Also as you most likely saw on the sales page you will see how the creators ran a campaign and invested $5 and made back $75 in less than 24 Hours. This case study is well documented in the over the shoulder style that makes Snap Affiliate Profits so easy to follow!

Snap Affiliate Profits is one course that I think that I will be keeping as it is a great way to make some cash very quickly…



OTO 1 is another very detailed course that is an extension of Snap Affiliate Profits and will show you in even more detail how to get even cheaper clicks and how to get completely free targeted traffic and it also shows a very clever way on how to use Bing and Facebook retargeting. This is the perfect add on to Snap Affiliate Profits!

OTO 2 is a complete Done for you package and on this site I generally like the DFY OTO’s and this one has over 50 HD squeeze pages, two DFY keyword packs, a list of profitable offers, 20 ad compliant headlines and copy, and 20 DFY reports.




As a Bonus for you I have over $17,000 worth of NEW Bonus Products


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