Social Traffic Exposure Review

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Social Traffic Exposure is the latest brain child of a trio of marketers that bring years of experience and success to the table. There was no way that I was going to miss out on reviewing Social Traffic Exposure. I have used a very similar method before and know that Social Traffic Exposure will work.



The great thing about Social Traffic Exposure is that you can start small and scale up very fast and very high. This is not a complicated system but having the 36 page PDF report which is laid out perfectly so that you can follow along step by step and have your first project up in a few hours and be making money not long after that.

The basic method described within Social Traffic Exposure is building niche sites and promoting Clickbank products on them though in Social Traffic Exposure you are shown another few affiliate sites that are perfect to implement Social Traffic Exposure with. Many of you may be thinking that niche sites went out and stopped working years ago and in a way you are correct but what if there was a way to change that and get Google love to your sites again and at the same time send crazy cheap targeted traffic to those niche sites….



I have to say that going through Social Traffic Exposure did remind me of when I used to build niche sites and at one time I had over 100 of them but at that time when they dropped from Google rankings I didn’t have a method to bring them back from the dead….if I had, had Social Traffic Exposure then those sites would still be active and bringing me in serious cash which is what will happen if you implement Social Traffic Exposure.

Another reason that I like Social Traffic Exposure so much is that building an army of niche sites is a lot of fun. Some of the other things that you will learn with Social Traffic Exposure is about making videos go viral which in turn brings in huge amounts of traffic, don’t worry though you wont have to build any videos.



The other very positive thing about Social Traffic Exposure is that these guys who created Social Traffic Exposure never waste traffic so even if your traffic doesn’t all buy from you today then you will be collecting their emails and building monster lists so that you can market to them again and again.

Overall Social Traffic Exposure really does have it all. How to build niche sites and get them ranked in Google, How to send super targeted cheap traffic to your sites, How to use video to exploit the competition between YouTube and Facebook by making crazy viral videos and even how to build super targeted lists so that you can market to them forever!

If I wasn’t so busy with all my own Online work and upcoming projects then I would start to follow the steps in Social Traffic Exposure as this is a real business in a Box that if followed WILL make you a huge amount of money and have a real solid business that you could be proud of…..


OTO 1 is a huge time saver as you will get 10 very well researched different niches that you can use for your niche sites and for your FB campaigns. This will save you hours of having to do the grunt work!

OTO 2 is is a video course on how to do video ads getting you free traffic, cheap views and be able to retarget your market / niche.

OTO 3 is a never before seen targeting software that will enable you to increase your FB ads by 100% and get your ads in front of only the most serious buyers!

Usually I try to tell you which OTO is the best so if you are on a budget you can choose correctly but they are all so helpful and will all save you so much time its hard to say….(I am including my own product that selects niches and products that match with Clickbank products so that will help)




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