Speedy Profit Machine Review

Speedy Profit Machine Review



So my good friend Rodney contacted me to tell me that he was launching a new product called Speedy Profit Machine. Now here is my Speedy Profit Machine Review AND I want to remind you that even though Rodney is a good friend I almost wasn’t going to promote his product because I was worried that if I said something negative about Speedy Profit Machine that we could fall out!

Now after going through Rodney’s Speedy Profit Machine Video course and seeing the live proof and results that he is getting I now feel bad for doubting him as Speedy Profit Machine is a great course and one that I have learned 2 new and very important things from.

Speedy Profit Machine Review

Speedy Profit Machine Review


Now after reviewing products for over 2 years there is very little that I find in a product that is new to me and even more unlikely that I find something that I can actually use in MY business…

Now I know that when Rodney gave me review access he knew that I would tell my readers what the course is about without giving away everything of course. So Here goes!

Speedy Profit Machine is a members area with 9 detailed over the shoulder style videos that don’t cover only one thing but rather cover many different things and many ways to set up systems that will bring in you money over and over again.



Now there are 2 videos at the beginning, one is Rodney telling us about Speedy Profit Machine and the other is about Mind Set which is very important and many people talk about Mind Set when they are already very successful which is easy but in Rodney’s Speedy Profit Machine when he talks about Mind Set and taking action he really knows how that feels as I know that when I first met Rodney he was struggling with getting into the right Mind Set of taking action and now he has cracked it and is making good money Online.


Now what this tells me is that Speedy Profit Machine is created by someone who knows what it is like to struggle and as this is his first product launch and he is sharing with everyone what worked and is working for him…after seeing some of the amazing methods that he has about Facebook and YouTube I was thinking if it was me maybe I wouldn’t even be giving away these secrets…

So inside the Speedy Profit Machine members area there are videos on how to set up your systems / campaigns / Speedy Profit Machine’s to bring you in a reliable and steady income while building your business and growing it more and more everyday!

Speedy Profit Machine Review

Speedy Profit Machine Review


So inside Speedy Profit Machine there are videos that cover setting everything up, using traffic exchanges, using Facebook (the results in Facebook I have never seen before), using YouTube like you have most likely never seen before, using solo ads so that you get your solo ads for free and of course there is a bonus video on Funnels!

My overall Speedy Profit Machine Review is that this is a great course for beginners but also some of the videos are great for intermediate marketers and the videos on YouTube and especially Facebook are even good for more advanced marketers and even though this course is for all levels everything is explained so easy that a beginner can follow along very easily!



OTO 1 is an Over the shoulder case study videos that hold you by the hand and show you how to ramp up your results at an even greater rate of speed.

We are really peeling back the curtains with this one and by the end of these videos, you will know EXACTLY how to make your commission producing campaigns a success with literally ZERO fuss, stress and hassle of having to guess your way around making this a success for them.

Also, X10 DFY copy paste campaigns that you can grab, copy, and then paste to literally guarantee you success. (If you can only afford 1 OTO then I would grab this one for sure)


OTO 2 is 25 additional DFY copy paste campaigns.


OTO 3 is Advanced 6 figure traffic and list building training.




Now Rodney Gave Me Some Great Bonus Products To Give Away But I am Sure That Every Other Marketer Will be Giving Away The Same Bonuses SO I AM GIVING AWAY The Bonuses From Rodney Which You Can See Below PLUS My OWN BONUSES Which I Will List After Rodney’s Bonuses!


Speedy Profit Machine Review Bonuses

Speedy Profit Machine Review Bonuses


The First Bonus You Get For FREE as Soon I will be Charging for Entry – Join my MasterMind Group! 

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