Square One Commissions Review

Square One Commissions Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • 2 full methods for the price of 1.
  • Both methods would definitely work, I think the first method is the easiest!


  • The first method is for real beginners...but it does work well...

Square One Commissions Review


So firstly there was not much in Square One Commissions that surprised me. Check out my Square One Commissions review to see why I was not surprised at all at what Trevor or Paul had created.

The main reason that I didn’t find Square One Commissions surprising is because the 2 full methods that are being taught are for real beginners so I have seen it all before (Though Trevor’s course was quite interesting)


Square One Commissions Review

Square One Commissions Review


The actual name “Square One Commissions” comes from the expression “Going back to Square One” which basically means starting from the beginning of something. This is what Trevor and Paul are trying to teach people.

Now both the guys have successful Internet business and Paul has been around for years with over 25 products released (some good and some terrible).

So Square One Commissions is asking what if you didn’t have your big lists and contacts, how would you get started again?

That is what the guys are answering in this double course. Square One Commissions has Paul’s choice of what he would do to get started, which involves using YouTube in a certain way.

Trevor’s Square One Commissions course is a little longer with more detail and as I already know Paul’s method because I do it every day I actually got a lot more useful info from Trevor’s method.

Trevor’s Square One Commissions course involves using PLR and he shows you almost like a case study how the first time he implemented it he made over $8000 from his method. It’s actually very interesting and very original!

So inside the members area of Square One Commissions you have Paul’s 4 over the shoulder video course which is done well and has a few new and updated tricks.

Then below that you have Trevor’s 7 video course on his very interesting method of using PLR in a very clever way.

Square One Commissions Review

Square One Commissions Review


Now do remember that both of these methods inside Square One Commissions are aimed at beginners but I think that even more experienced marketers will pick up a lot of tips from Trevor.

Now also remember that you are getting 2 full courses inside of Square One Commissions created by 2 completely different marketers so value wise Square One Commissions is a great buy and if 1 method you know or don’t want to do you can simply use the other Square One Commissions method!

My overall Square One Commissions review is that with 2 methods to make money this is a great buy and great value. I know and agree that Paul’s method does work no matter your experience.

Trevor’s method is still great for beginners and can be started right away and will hold some interesting tips for more experienced marketers.

If I was going to use Square One Commissions I would get Paul’s method set up first then start with Trevor’s…even though they are not connected in any way!


OTO 1  – Advanced tactics and strategies for both models.


OTO 2  –  Done for you business in a box.


OTO 3  – Over the shoulder training to help set up the business in a box and the fastest way to get things going using all free tools.






Commissionly – (Reviewed on this site and still for sale)


Viral Video Commission – (Reviewed on this site and still for sale)


Instant Commission Unlock – (New Product and still selling right now)


Instant Cash Jackpot – (New Product and still selling right now)


Piggyback Cash System – (still selling for about $170)


InstaCash Machine and all upgrades – (Still selling and includes all OTO’s worth up to $280)


250k Freedom class – (Powerful evergreen training)


Secret traffic goldmine – (still selling and will help with a lot with Push Button Traffic)


Commission snatch – (One of Billy Darrs best courses…still selling)


3 Min Commission – (Another of Billy Darrs Evergreen products)


Secret Commission machine – (A $97 evergreen training course)


3 Step Machines – (Reviewed on this site and still for sale)


Evergreen commission machine + ALL OTO’s – (Reviewed on this site and still for sale)


Copy Case Study – (New Product by Mosh Bari)


2 full WordPress Training Courses. (Both courses are full PDF training and over 25 videos altogether)




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