Sticker Stampede Review

I finally got a copy of Sticker Stampede and to be honest really had no idea of what to expect but I have to say that after going through Sticker Stampede I really think this a great buy and a very fun but super profitable way to make money…

One reason I was not going to review Sticker Stampede was because about 3 years ago the creator of Sticker Stampede, James Renouf and myself had an arguement and he told me to never buy another of his products again so since then I have stayed away from everything he released. The argument was over my review of a product that he released as a WSO about Rebelmouse. He made a great sales page and told how this was the like the Gold Rush in the USA and that his product would help us tap into that market. Like most people who were and would still do if he posted WSO’s were telling him how amazing it was….I didnt think so.



The product was about how to create an account on Rebel Mouse….that was it!!! As always I was the only one who called his crap product and thus was called stupid and not able to recognize value when I saw it. Still makes me laugh today…

Anyway roll on 3 years or so and James has released Sticker Stampede which is a very interesting product about using certain platforms to sell small sticker type things, kind of like Logo’s but used for so many different things.

I hope that James and I are now ok and I really have to give it to the guy he is always first when it comes to new trends or the next big thing or how to sell to new platforms. He also writes very step by step guides, like 2 year old could copy step by step which I love and Sticker Stampede is no different!

Sticker Stampede will take you by the hand and show you a whole new world of traffic and making money online. Remember when Apps came out? Sticker Stampede covers something that could be almost as big and I dont say that lightly. What is even better is that Sticker Stampede will get you in from the start and you could be making money very quickly but not only making some quick cash but building a business with this new method!

In the last 12 Months the method inside Sticker Stampede has generated beginners and entrepreneurs just like us over 10 Million USD. This is a hot and ready to tap into market and what is good is that Sticker Stampede teaches you how you can outsource everything. Normally because I review so many interesting products I have to be careful not to get distracted by “Shiney Object Syndrome” but with Sticker Stampede I am putting it on my list of things to try!

So in closing Sticker Stampede will teach you how to get and make these little stickers, what niches to target and where to go to get real ready to buy targeted traffic.

Well Done James – Sticker Stampede is a solid Product!

There are 2 low cost OTO’s both of which will provide great value and help you get going even faster with your new Sticker Business!!

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