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STOMPERRR Review – Cut out the 3 hardest parts of Local Marketing!


Hello Readers, It has been a while but welcome to my STOMPERRR Review which is brought to us by Brendan Mace.

STOMPERRR is a software in a niche that I have not seen Brendan in before but the actual idea and what the software does fixes the 3 hardest parts of any local business.




This is something that I used to do a while ago, except I would outsource most it.

So what does the STOMPERRR software do?

It does a few things but the first and most important part is actually finding clients as without clients or people to sell your services too you would have no business at all.




The next thing that you need when contacting new clients is to be able to solve a problem for them that will help their business.

For example every week I get a load of emails that have been “Spam” sent.

What do I mean by “Spam” sent.

Well the emails that I get from SEO companies say things like “I can see that you are having trouble ranking for your keywords”.


I’m ranking for almost every keyword that I want!

Or the other messages that I get is actually related to the STOMPERRR software and say something like “You will never rank because your site is so slow but we can fix that”

Now that I know is B.S.

As someone who does twice weekly checks on all my sites I can tell you that all my sites run faster than most.

My point here is that these people contacting me have not even bothered to look at any of my sites, they are just spamming as many people with the same email as possible.

So back to the STOMPERRR software.

The STOMPERRR software actually finds you leads with a way to contact the customer and also allows you to have a look at the speed of the site and to create an SEO report to send to the customer.

Another part of the STOMPERRR system is that there are pre-loaded emails that you can just add your name to and send them.




This reminds me of a very solid system that I looked at last year called The Best Year Yet which used a similar method to get clients.

What this does and I used to do it myself is to show the customer that you have actually taken the time to evaluate THEIR site and find problems that can be fixed.

With the STOMPERRR software in use you can manage all of this from 1 dashboard.

To kind of summarise the method and software, think like this.

You are contacting people who have a real brick and mortar business such as Window Fitters, Hairdressers, Mechanics etc.

People who have a website but most likely don’t know that they could get a lot more customers than they are getting through their online presence (their website).




You then contact them and tell them and show them that their rankings could easily go from page 4 to page 1 thus bringing in new clients.

Due to actually showing them that you have looked at their site they will be a lot more likely to work with you than some random person sending a “Spam” mail.

Also speeding up a persons site actually can be the difference between page nowhere to page 1, that’s why I check twice a week my own sites speed.

So to finish of this STOMPERRR review, I am going to say that site speed and being able to get clients all over the World to work with you and pay you recurring income is definitely worth trying and putting some real effort into.

Even at this moment I am building out a new company with a partner in the local niche as the kind of one off payments and recurring payments just can’t be found elsewhere.


OTO 1 is the STOMPERRR PRO version!


OTO 2 is the STOMPERRR Done For You Portfolio!


OTO 3 is the Done WITH you (basically training)!






Top 16 Businesses To Target (After going through my old files of when I ran my own local business I found the top 16 Businesses that I had the best success rate getting in contact with and selling to and those that really needed my services. A big time saver!)


Ranker Site Speed Secrets (main PDF training 10HD Videos on everything that you NEED to know about site speed and the importance of having a blazing fast site. A MUST HAVE in case your clients want to know more about why speed is SO important!)


Lead Generation Pro (main course PDF – checklist PDF – 10 HD videos on How to attract more leads, Close more sales, and Increase your marketing ROI, All broken down in steps through PDF and 10 HD videos. This is a MUST for anyone going into the local niche)


Arbitrage and Brokering Blueprint (11 HD Videos Intensive Training on the secrets to creating a 6 Figure Business as an by being the middleman between local businesses and Freelancing services. I used this method in my own local business)


Local High Paying Clients (Full Course PDF training – 8 HD videos on how to find and get high paying clients in any niche and keep them as your clients. A Powerful training for use with this software)


Complete SEO Online Business in a Box (217 page setup eBook + multiple SEO checklists + multiple templates + multiple SEO contracts + multiple checklists + every document you need to run a successful Local SEO business)


Latest LinkedIn Success System (Main course PDF + 10 HD videos on how to use this very under used platform to get more sales, build connections and get more leads as well as how to have the best and most optimized profile. Full training plus all OTO videos. This is the latest training on getting local clients through LinkedIn to grow your business)


2 Complete SEO Trainings (If you want to learn the current SEO factors then this 4 PDF and 20 video training will let you become the expert on SEO that your clients will need)



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