STORM Video Review That Shows You Exactly What You Are NOT Getting!

Enjoy a Real Review Of STORM To Find Out How Much You Can Save And What Was Rather Disappointing!


Hello Readers and Viewers,

This is not a full written review of STORM but rather a video review as I wanted to explain in huge detail what you are NOT getting and what you are.

The sales page of STORM I thought was rather misleading so I decided to show you the complete software and the training and how much you can save if you know what you are doing…

The very first saving that you can make is when on the sales page (which you can get to to by clicking the link at the bottom of this page), once on the Storm sales page don’t press the buy button.

If you move your mouse off of the sales page you get an immediate 4 Dollars off, it looks like this below…

storm review

storm review

Through out the rest of the video below I show you how much can be saved by the Downsells that no other marketer bothers to show you.

Now just to clear I would not normally have reviewed this software and training combo but the fact is the Storm video training is very good and is about medium blogs and how they basically rank themselves if you know what you are doing.

I show you plenty of examples in my video review of medium outranking me with blogs that have no unique content on them at all, rather they have copied text from sales pages or JV pages..

The part of the product that I was a bit disappointed in was the software part which on the sales page makes you think that you are getting a powerful software.

Anyway I thought that if you missed this you may enjoy the ease with which I am getting outranked by free blogs with copied content and no SEO optimization.


If you decide to go and check this out you can visit my simple but powerful Bonus page by Clicking HERE!

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