Take It Review

Take It Review


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  • Does exactly as described!


  • NO TRAFFIC training! You need to be able to drive traffic to your website...Take It does not include any So I Fixed that! Scroll To the Bottom To See!

Take It Review – Another software review that I had BIG doubts about!


Welcome Readers, So while this Take It Review is late I wanted to be able to spend the time testing it and come up with a way to use the Take It software.

I think that I have finally found some clever ways to make Take It live up to the sales page.

I have been away for a few days on a long drive so this is my first review in about a week.

Take It Review

Take It Review


I have seen one other software that was slightly similar to Take It which I can see uses some of that old technology combined with a whole load of new fast and updated coding.

First thing that I have to say about Take It is that it is very easy to use.

There is almost NO learning curve to getting started and “Hijacking” or Taking other peoples websites and using them as your own.

Take It is brought to us by Brendan Mace who also brought us a software that I at first did really not like called Vid Chomper but after thinking outside the box I decided that I actually wanted my own copy to use in a certain project.

I am still using it to this day.

Take It Review

Take It Review


Anyway back to Take It!

Is it possible to Take someone’s website and use it as your own?

Well after testing the Take It software I can say yes you really can.

So let’s look at how it really works, inside the software you set up a campaign and choose which high traffic website (or any website) you want people to see.

The next step is to decide where you want to redirect the people who visit that site to go to, it would make a lot of sense to direct them to an affiliate link or collect their email first then redirect.

So to use an example of the Take It software.

I choose a very popular high traffic website such as Warrior Plus.

I enter that into the software as the main site I want people to see and visit.

I then choose from the Take It software what kind of pop up I want to place over the main site.

Take It Review

Take It Review


There are a selection including buttons, opt-in forms or a combination of both.

They can all be customised to make them stand out more by changing the font, the size or colour.

I then would choose an affiliate offer so that when the pop up appeared on the website that I had chosen in the beginning it would redirect people to that offer.

Now why is this clever?

Well firstly people trust big websites and much more likely to click any pop up that is on that site.

Take It Review

Take It Review


If the pop up asks for their name and email they are much more likely to add their details…

The big factor with Take It is the trust factor, you are using the authority and brand of that website to get people to trust you and click to go to your affiliate offer or even your own website or video.

There are many other reasons that the Take It software is so powerful and why it makes sense to use…you can use it to send traffic from Facebook ads or Google ads because you are not sending them directly to an affiliate link.

Now that I have used half the day testing out this new software and my Final Take It Review is I can see a lot of uses for it especially if you have some good traffic methods which I am going to include as a bonus if you buy through my website.


OTO 1 of Take It is opens up done for you campaigns!


OTO 2 of Take It allows you to promote high ticket offers using the software!


OTO 3 of Take It is unlimited traffic from Brendan’s sales pages!




The Best of the Best Free Traffic Systems (23 HD Videos which include the OTOs to give you this huge training course on THE TOP 23 traffic methods and how to use them. Some are set and forget and some require a bit more hands on but all will allow you to share your Take it page in 23 different traffic pulling places)


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Magnetic Affiliate Marketing (Full course PDF training – 10 HD videos that will teach you everything that you will need to know about making full time income from affiliate marketing – Including everything from beginner to Expert and includes a powerful traffic source)


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