Teazer Review

Teazer Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Complex method that is simplified in a very easy to use software!


  • It is very easy to get to the first page with Teazer but what if you could stay there and create evergreen income? (Without knowing SEO and having channel Authority your videos will drop SO Scroll To The Bottom To See What Bonuses I am giving away!)

Teazer Review – Mark Bishop Brings Out Another Simple But Effective Software!


Hello Readers, If you are here then you are looking for an actual Teazer Review, not just what is written on the sales page.

Before going on to talk about Teazer I would like to say a few things about the vendor Mark Bishop (Along with Venkata).

Mark has created lots of great evergreen trainings that he still keeps up to date which in this industry is not the norm.

Teazer Review

Teazer Review


One of his products that I have been implementing into my business is BLOX which was released last year and is a training that I still refer back to regularly.

As well as creating training that Mark actually uses he has had some very popular software that again were created for him to use first and foremost.

So Teazer, what is it about?

Well if you have seen the sales page then you will have seen what Teazer does as Mark does not do the blind sales page type of marketing.

Something that I really like, people should know what they are buying.

Teazer Review

Teazer Review


Teazer is a simple method that is perfect for any niche though because everyone wants fast page 1 rankings the example is for “Launch Jacking”!

If you don’t know what Launch Jacking is then you are probably new to making money online?

Launch Jacking is promoting a product in the make money online niche and ranking for the product before it goes live so that when people Google the product name they will find a review for that product.

In many ways this is a launch jacking post for Teazer!

Most people use video and YouTube to get their review of the product out there so that people will click their link and buy through them.

Teazer Review

Teazer Review


It can take Months to be able to get on the front page for a product launch as you need to build up your channel authority and know how to rank.

That is where Teazer comes in!

What this software does is allow you to get to the front page without any SEO, all you need is a YouTube channel.

Now staying on the front page is a different story which is why I have added the bonuses below!

Now there are things on YouTube called Live events and there are software’s that allow you to upload your pre made video using software like Live Event Blaster though if you stream your video you may lose rankings over time.

Now with Teazer you can create a live event which will go directly to page 1 and the thumbnail will remain there for as long as you have the Live event scheduled.

You can then add to that thumbnail and in the description show where people should click to go to your website or full video review or a video that you have taken from the sales page.

Teazer Review

Teazer Review


That’s right you don’t actually have to create any videos of you talking because if you add in the sales page of any product Teazer will automatically pull the video from that sales page and upload it for you.

You can also add intro and outro videos to the beginning and end (that is what I have just done), I created 2 quick intros and outros and have added in the Teazer sales page.

I will show you in my video review exactly what I mean and how easy it was.

There are a lot of other features but to put in the simplest terms Teazer gets you on the front page of Google in minutes and you then decide where to send that traffic.

Being on the front page of Google or YouTube will always get you the best free targeted traffic!

I asked for my own copy as I know that I will get use out of it and know the power of being on the first page!

My final Teazer Review is that this is a very clever way of combining  Live events without actually doing Live events unless you want to and still be able to get those first page rankings!


OTO 1 is called Teazer PRO!


OTO 2 is called Teazer Master!


OTO 3 is called Teazer GURU!





Firstly the Vendor Bonuses (Given to me by Mark which are actually very good)

WP FaceBook Quiz Creator

Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator

Viral Source Review Pack

WP In-Content Popup Pro

WP Video Focus


Smart Commenter




Now Bonuses From My Private Collection!


Marcs YouTube Optimization and ranking Super Guide (This is something that I rarely share outside of my high ticket coaching as it so powerful it will give you a massive boost over ANYONE)


YouTube Marketing Bible- FOUR Completely Different YouTube Trainings (A 10 HD video course that shows you many tips and tricks that will show and give you a huge boost over anyone else who is a beginner and wants to know what others don’t about YouTube)


Instant YouTube Channel Authority (If you don’t have a YouTube channel yet then I am giving 14 + “How To” Videos on everything from traffic to autoresponders to social media platforms that you can upload to your channel to gain quick authority)


Marc’s Empire Building (This is my best selling training that fits well with any method.  I show you how to build a piece of Online Property that you will never lose. This is 7+ hours of detailed training created by me )


Dominate Any Social media (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. This shows you how to dominate ANY social network and drive even more traffic)


Clickbank Niche and product selector (This is my own bestselling tool that will help you put Clickbank niches and products together. I have researched over 90 niches and products to go with it)


Article to Video Software (complete easy to use software to create quick videos + how to set everything up training video course + 9000 PLR articles)


Video Creation Set (Huge collection to create your own Explainer Videos using PowerPoint – Includes graphics, whiteboard characters and videos, intros and outros, flash backgrounds, animated backgrounds, music and a lot more as well as a detailed training on how to set everything up)

2 SEO training products (main course PDF x 2 – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 12 HD videos. These teach you how to start with SEO from a complete beginner to an all-star SEO expert. Nothing is left out and I personally refer back to these 2 trainings regularly!)



Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above When You Buy Teazer Through My Site! CLICK HERE!




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