The 20 Minute Work Day Review

The 20 Minute Work Day Review

The 20 Minute Work Day is the latest product by Millionaire marketer Luther Landro who in my opinion usually puts out high quality products that are easy to follow and will make you money if you are actually prepared to put in the work. The 20 Minute Work Day does require a bit of set up but a lot less than his some of his other products.

Personally over the years I have learned a lot from Luther’s products and have made good money following his courses which are always well written or communicated through video. The 20 Minute Work Day is a 75 page packed PDF with easy to follow chapters that anyone can read and put into action.

The 20 Minute Work Day Review


Now one thing that I have always loved about Luther’s products is that his sales pages whether written or in a video / webinar form is that they tell you exactly what you will be doing to make money, so no blind sales pages where you have no idea what platform or method you will be using to make the money that is shown!


The 20 Minute Work Day shows very clearly through the free webinar / video sales letter that Luther has used Linkedin to generate over $100,000 in less than a year and that you can repeat this success by following the clear instructions laid out in The 20 Minute Work Day!


Now many people underestimate Linkedin for making money because they are too focused on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the many other social media platforms but Linkedin is really a Golden Goose where you can get in touch with serious business owners who are have a problem or need more leads and are willing to pay for them and that is what The 20 Minute Work Day taps into…

The 20 Minute Work Day Review

Now you don’t have to be a super successful marketer already to take advantage of Linkedin as that is what The 20 Minute Work Day will show you. The very first chapter is about finding and marketing to different niches (many say that niche selection is the most important part of any business and I have to agree with that)

I don’t need to tell you to much about The 20 Minute Work Day as it very well explained in the free webinar which you can go straight to by clicking one of the links in this review…who better to explain what you will be doing than the guy who has used and created this method??


OTO 1 is called “20 Minute Work Day Upgrade” and will show you how to get even faster results and is also presented in video form (Like all Luther’s products not needed but will give you a big jump start)

OTO 2 is called “Custom Sales Video – 20 Minute Work Day” This is self-explanatory and will save you time and boost sales with a tried and tested sales video!



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