The 30 Days To $10K Challenge Review

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Update – Several Readers of this site have joined the course and I have just heard from one who said it is the best thing he has ever done and that Craig and Dean have been amazing. Some of the things he told me have even made me change my business model…

Good luck to the Brave guys who have grabbed their future and made it their own!!

So in my 6+ years working online I have used several coaches and besides one who tried to cheat me and another 40+ others (Cory Friedman, Yes you are named and shamed) I learned a load from them so having a coach and a challenge like The 30 Days To $10K Challenge is a fantastic thing to get involved in.

Firstly if the cost of spending more than the usual $10 means that you can’t do this then best to stop reading. If you have the money then fair enough, it’s of course your choice but some people would kill for this chance but just can’t afford it which I am sorry for you as The 30 Days To $10K Challenge is a real one time offer and something that will change your life forever. With The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you would be getting ready to hand in your notice at work because this is guaranteed to work.

I was very lucky and spoke to someone inside the training and got the plan of action (I had to promise not to give away certain details which I will stick to). My friend who is doing this was unemployed but borrowed the money from good ol’ Mum, there is an option in The 30 Days To $10K Challenge rather than receive small parts of the training over the 30 days to go as fast as you want and that is what my friend has done.

He started The 30 Days To $10K Challenge 1 week ago but is already more than half way through and has started to see some nice profit already.

So if you join The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you will receive a briefing first of all about what to expect, this is supposed to be very motivational and for me that is really the point of The 30 Days To $10K Challenge, having someone break down everything that you need to do and make sure that you dont slack and keep up with the program.


In The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you will be working with Craig and Dean who have a massive amount of experience and have made Millions online. I will say that this is not some secret underground crazy “A Russian Scientist gave it to me” course but the basics of a very successful business laid out wide open with all the tricks that are so often kept from us.

The very fact that with The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you have Craig and Dean just an email or Skype call away is great. How many times have you started a new course only to get distracted by life and tell yourself that you will go back to it, then when you next log on you see something even more interesting. I know because I did that for about 3 years, which means I know how to make money a load of ways but it wasn’t until I stopped that and followed a course and software that I found real success.

In The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you will learn in bite size pieces or fast as you want to go, Craig and Dean’s secret formula to getting results as quick as he promises. Every marketer has their own formula but very few successful marketers will ever give you their exact secret code. I have my own exact plan and its working out great and I know it will only grow and grow but I wouldn’t share that with anyone, maybe one day in the future….

So also with The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you will learn how to attract buyers that will come back and back time and time again. You will also of course be building a huge buyers list. You will learn how to easily dominate any market, even the biggest ones most people stay away from because of the competition. You will learn how to make huge amounts of cash and still stay under the radar. Most super Gurus don’t even use their real name because they don’t want to be bothered, they are happy bringing in 10’s of Thousands of Dollars a day while letting everyone else fight for the scraps and this is some of what Tom is teaching in The 30 Days To $10K Challenge.

I could go on and on about The 30 Days To $10K Challenge (I am actually considering doing it myself though my 2018 plan is packed already). Though who knows I may change my mind and decide to just go for it but I would like to be able to clear 3 weeks without having any other obligations which I can’t do just now but if I could I would be signing up right now to The 30 Days To $10K Challenge.

Take it from me, I have seen the plan of this amazing coaching The 30 Days To $10K Challenge and 2 years ago I paid $5000 for similar training but dropped out because I got suspicious and I was correct in the end so the reasonable sum that is being asked for The 30 Days To $10K Challenge is tiny in comparison.

The price of coaching is of course higher but how many more courses and products will you buy this year? With The 30 Days To $10K Challenge you now have the chance to finally know when you go to bed at night that your life is finally changing and your dream is in reach…



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I really hope that you take advantage of The 30 Days To $10K Challenge and come back here and tell us all about it….or just keep that success, money, freedom and happiness to yourself…..that’s what I would do 🙂

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