The 48 Hour Client 2016 Review

The 48 Hour Client 2016 by Luther Landro is a product that I see great potential in and after looking through The 48 Hour Client 2016 I know that this will work. Now Luther has only been testing this method out on local business’ but if you think just a little bigger then The 48 Hour Client 2016 is an unstoppable product.



What I love about Luther and his products are there no hidden tricks or loopholes or sales pages that you read and it sounds great but you actually have no idea what it is that you will be doing…the sales page for The 48 Hour Client 2016 tells you the method exactly (of course he can’t write out the whole process step by step because then it would be a free product) and with the kind of amazing client getting power inside The 48 Hour Client 2016 I am actually surprised that Luther is giving this info away.

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Luther has a very tight and successful membership site and from what I have seen and heard everyone inside that group is making a full time living Online using Offline methods to get clients. 



After going through The 48 Hour Client 2016 I was actually and still am tempted to add another service to my offline site adding this service because this is going to grab you new clients who will be so impressed that they will keep you on with Monthly payments just to keep monitoring this service for them.

I can also imagine that any clients who uses this service will be telling other business’ about this service and remember what every brick and mortar business is looking for are new clients and The 48 Hour Client 2016 will give them that in spades.

So if you haven’t read the sales page yet, let me explain what The 48 Hour Client 2016 does. As you know before going out to eat or going shopping or going to get your haircut how many of you Google the place and check out a site like Yelp or Yahoo Local??

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Probably most of you do, I know that I do and if I see bad reviews then I will be going somewhere else and this is what The 48 Hour Client 2016 can do for clients. Using Luther’s, The 48 Hour Client 2016 service which a step by step easy to understand 3 step process you let the business’ that have bad reviews know that they are losing clients and offer to remove the bad reviews and replace and add more positive reviews…



Now you tell me a business that is not going to sit up and take notice when you offer this service, most business owners will know about these negative reviews already and having them will most likely already be a thorn in their side as they know that they are losing reputation and losing clients.

The 48 Hour Client 2016 method is something that has normally only been shown to Luther’s private students but he has decided to let this method out for a short time. So what do you need to get started with The 48 Hour Client 2016?? Nothing at all…all you have to do is follow the step by step system which will show you how to find the clients, how to contact the clients and receive back desperate replies, then you work out the cost which should be in the mid 4 Figures and then you follow the steps which are very easy to do and get rid of the negative reviews and add some positive reviews and maybe tidy up the client’s profile a little (though that is not in the course, I just thought of that after reading this cool method)



The big kicker that I love with The 48 Hour Client 2016 is that you can get paid Monthly to remove any more bad reviews and every Month add a few new positive reviews AND just as important to me is that once you get the clients trust and have saved their Online reputation who do you think they will trust with other services….you.

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So from the The 48 Hour Client 2016 you will be getting your foot pulled in the door, helping the business enormously and then have the ear of the business owner when it comes to updating their Website, doing SEO or even running their ads or other services.



As someone who owns an Online company that markets regularly to Offline business; this is a fantastic way to either get started as a complete newbie and be brining huge paychecks every day or if you already have a business that sells services then this is an amazing way to get your clients attention and trust.

I simply can not see how The 48 Hour Client 2016 can fail…

What I also like about The 48 Hour Client 2016 is that there are NO OTO’s…everything you need is packed up into one product!



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  1. Marc Gray (Post author)

    Hi Vinit,

    Yes this product can be used anywhere in the World. If I review something that cant be used anywhere in the world I would tell you!

    Regarding getting help for the product, I know that Luther has a help desk for support questions regarding his products!

    Hope this helps,



  2. vinit yadav

    hello .. is this method work anywhere ??? i am from indian so it will work for me ?? also in future if anybody getting some problem to applying this method that the product creator help in this regard ??

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