The AffManual 2.0 Review

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The AffManual 2.0 (9 NEW CPA/Affiliate Methods)

So I was waiting for my next review copy and The AffManual 2.0 came through this morning and I am glad to say that this is a diverse and step step by system, or I should say systems as in the The AffManual 2.0 there are 9 separate methods that can be used on their own or you can even use some of the methods together. Header

The AffManual 2.0 uses various traffic methods to show you how to promote CPA, Affiliate offers or Clickbank products. The methods in the The AffManual 2.0 are updated for 2015 and are tried and true methods. I thought that Raimundas M the creator of The AffManual 2.0 put this together very well and I know from experience that he really knows what he is doing and makes a full time income Online and that is the type of people who you should trust.

I also know that he is a very open guy who stands behind his products and will help you if you have any problems, now that is a character type that I trust. So many product creators are only to happy to take your money and run without giving you the backup you deserve.

Raimundas also made a good point on his sales page about the real people behind the scenes who don’t go about telling everyone who will listen that they make so much money but these people stay behind the scenes and rake in the money which is what the 9 methods in The AffManual 2.0 will teach you to do.

Lets take a quick look at the modules which are all written in step by step clear to understand and implement method.

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Method 1 of The AffManual 2.0 is about driving laser targeted free traffic to any CPA offer using 1 very untapped Google method. (this is something that I am aware of but always forget to use, highly effective)

Method 2 is an autopilot method that uses 2 YouTube traffic sources that are very often forgotten about. (as a YouTube marketer I know this works and you can do without even creating a video)

Method 3 of The AffManual 2.0 is about getting your CPA or affiliate banner in front of 1000’s of highly targeted clients for as low as 25$ (good method that all the big guns use but can become quite pricey if you don’t choose the best place to put your banner)

Method 4 is a sneaky trick but totally whitehat about getting your affiliate link on the big Authority sites like CNN or the NYTimes (have never used this method but know many who do and make good cash because this is a free method it just requires a little work)

Method 5 of The AffManual 2.0 is about building a certain type of platform or group where you build up your following and can offer your CPA or Affiliate offers over and over.

Method 6 is a new method about how to get huge amounts of impressions every month to promote your offers. (I like this method because all you need is your affiliate or CPA link as you can direct link).

Method 7 is about tapping into 3 unknown community sites that have vast amounts of laser targeted traffic which is all free and will react very quickly when you show your offer(again completely free traffic you just need to spend a little time and work, I would use this method for CPA offers)

Method 8 of The AffManual 2.0 is about tapping into a very well known traffic source to build your list with this potentially laser targeted traffic. (this is the second biggest traffic source after Facebook)

Method 9 of The AffManual 2.0 is about building little niche specific money making machines that once created will work away on autopilot (this method works, How do I know?, well I used to have 100’s of these little passive income machines.sites bringing me in money everyday)

My overall opinion of The AffManual 2.0 (9 NEW CPA/Affiliate Methods) is that it is a very good product. The AffManual 2.0 gives you multiple proven ways to make sales with CPA and affiliate offers and is mostly just copy paste!

With The AffManual 2.0 besides you, you will not need to go after the next product as you have a lot of new and working methods all in this easy to read step by step PDF.

There is only 1 OTO that will give you even more ideas and is very cheap so I would recommend getting this to boost your sales even more!! whatisinside

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