The B Garage Review

This is My First Product Launch in a While So Here is My The B Garage Review.



Hello my friends and readers, welcome to the B Garage Review.

Now normally I would not review my own products but in this case the software was created by my partner in this launch, Jorge.

So why am I a part of it?

If you have watched any of my videos or read any of my reviews you will know that I very regularly say that so much of the software being brought out is absolute rubbish.

So when Jorge first came to me with the b garage I wanted to check it out, test it out and play around with it.

The B Garage Review Sales Page
The B Garage Review Sales Page


What I found was an amazing tool that can help so many people in so many ways with their affiliate marketing campaigns and list building.

The sales page of the B garage is of course not a blind sales page so you can go to the bottom of my website here and you can click on the link to check out the sales page to find out more.

So what is the the B garage?

The B garage is a great tool for anybody who doesn’t want to build a website or pay for hosting (Though you can use it very easily with a website, I will be doing it after the launch).

Giving bonuses helps by up to 80% when promoting an affiliate product.

If you want to build your list at the same time you can (though the list building part is optional.)

The B Garage Review Members Area
The B Garage Review Members Area


Unlike most similar software’s on the market the B garage is a 1 time cost, so NO monthly fees…UNTIL the end of our launch (24th of April 2024)

It also comes with Bonuses included so you can start right away.

You can send any type of traffic to these pages and you can be sure that they will convert much better than just sending them to an affiliate link.

With just a few clicks you can build amazing looking bonus pages with any colour style that you want.

You can select what type of “Bonus Badge” you want to use beside your bonuses.

As the bonuses are already in the B garage (and there is an option to add even more bonuses).

The B Garage Review Full Detailed Training
The B Garage Review Full Detailed Training


It just takes 1 click to select the bonus and its pulled from the list of bonuses and added to your bonus page.

You can also create “Optin Blocks” that you can add to your bonus page for people who don’t buy but want to sign up for something free.

There are so many options with the B garage with changing things around that I could just keep typing but make sure to check out my full video review and I will show you the examples that I have made.

The B Garage is a huge time saving software for anyone of any level.

I was looking at an SEO software created by my friend a few days ago and I was very excited to get started with it but the only training that I could find on how to use it had no voice explanation.

The B Garage Review with the Bonus Page Creation Section
The B Garage Review with the Bonus Page Creation Section


So in the end up I actually wasn’t able to work out how to use this new SEO software, which is a shame because it looked really good.

So as part of this launch I made sure to put in as many training videos as are needed to explain everything in detail so that even the most beginner of beginners can understand how to use the B garage.

Of course I will explain a lot more in my video review and show you live examples.

My final overall the B garage review is very simple. As I have my name on this product and I have added training to this product then of course I think that this is something to not miss out on, it really is a game changer for anyone whether beginner or advanced marketer.

With all of the changes that I helped make to the software and what was already there this is something that could potentially replace me using this website for reviews and start using the B garage for doing my video reviews and just putting the link to the bonus page under my videos.

It would save me literally a day of work and after this launch that’s what I will be doing, I will be adding all of my bonuses to the B garage.

There are 5 OTOs that are all relevant (5 is reseller rights, so really 4 main ones) but if you want to grab the “Bundle” and get 50$ off use the code JORGEMARC2024 (You will see the option to add this after buying the main product) 




Coaching with me Marc (I recorded 90 minutes of training covering how my own business runs. I show you SEO tips. How to use free platforms to drive insane amounts of traffic. How to set up a special kind of ad to always get direct traffic. How to get ahead, what to ignore. How to use AI to skyrocket your productivity and a LOT more. This will 100x your business whether a beginner or a more advanced marketer)


TikTok Funnel (Everything you need to build a business with TikTok. This includes everything from Training Guide, 11 Video Tutorials, Cheat Sheet, Resource Report, Email Swipes, Front End Sales & Thank You Pages, Front End Sales Videos, Front End Graphics and so MUCH MORE. I paid $89 for this.)


Profit From PLR Today (main course PDF – Cheatsheet – 10 HD videos on how to start your own business using free or cheap PLR – Find out how many products that you have bought started as PLR – Build a high paying passive income from PLR material in any niche – If like me you have so much PLR on your hard drive then this will give you ideas of just what you can do with it, or if you dont then I show how to get it and what you can do. Very easy and free to get started with HUGE growth potential)


THIRTEEN Extra Bonuses (These are 13 extra bonuses that you can use in any campaign to give away, all of them brilliant bonuses in different niches)


300 Videos of Breathtaking scenery (These are 300 different videos of different parts of the world, both cities and the outdoors that you can use as they are or I show you a quick way to edit them to make them however you want with text, music and effects. I am also giving you PLR rights to sell or give these away)


Instagram Shoutouts (Instagram is fast becoming 1 of the biggest social media platforms out there and this full PDF training and 11 video training detail how you can grow your Instagram and how you can use other peoples influence on Insta to grow your business and brand. Without a doubt, statistically if you are not on Instagram you are losing out.)


A 1 on 1 Call With Me Marc (I have over 10 years experience being a full time online marketer and just 1 call with me for 50 minutes will change your life, I usually charge 800 Dollars for a 50 minute call, I will get on a call with you to help you however you need it. Whether thats where to start, helping you optimise your business, showing you how to get a jump on everyone else.If you don’t want to get on a call then you can send me an email of everything that you are doing just now and I will make a video advising you what to change for ultimate success or if you are just starting out then I can create a plan for you. This is only available if you get the bundle or buy at least TWO OTO’s)



Click Here To Check Out The VSL Explaining What The B Garage is About And Grab This Amazing Software


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