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The Big Buck Method is as you most likely already know about I remember when I used to go to Fiverr and get something for $5…that does not seem to the case these days because of people like the creators of The Big Buck Method, they have completely learned how to use and utilise Fiverr to make serious income!



Within The Big Buck Method which I have just finished going over along with the OTO’s is altogether a very complete and serious look at the methods that the creators use to make some serious cash and let me tell you just from reading the main product The Big Buck Method, you get to see the tricks and tactics that are used in The Big Buck Method.

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As I was saying earlier you used to go onto Fiverr and buy something for $5, now you can’t help but spend something extra. Maybe it is just to get your gig done in 24 hours or maybe it is a complicated SEO package that costs $150. Anyway the important thing is that in The Big Buck Method they have mastered this and so many other tips and business techniques that I would now feel confident going to Fiverr and following the plan inside The Big Buck Method and making sales very quickly and easily.



I have reviewed many different products about Fiverr but The Big Buck Method is maybe the most concrete and solid plan as we are actually seeing and getting the chance to copy what these power Fiverr sellers are doing.

The guys behind The Big Buck Method make a full time income just from Fiverr and have been for well over 2 years. They have adapted when Fiverr changed and have a complete blueprint that anyone can copy. I have made money online with almost every method there is besides Fiverr but I feel that are after reading I could go onto Fiverr and make myself a full time business and still run my current business.



The Big Buck Method is broken down into very sensible and detailed sections such as the first and most important part which is doing your niche research and deciding which niches you want to enter, though to be honest this is just part of The Big Buck Method blueprint because we are told in The Big Buck Method what are the best gigs to get into at the moment and exactly how to complete the gigs in a very short space of time!

One thing that I have always known is that having a professional and good looking profile is the difference between success and failure (I learnt this while I was doing Arbitrage full time). So that is of course the second thing that we will learn in The Big Buck Method. How to make the perfect account and how to optimise it so that you look like a Pro because as you know we all listen to the experts…

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The next step in The Big Buck Method is how to create and set up your gigs so that you get the maximum conversations and so that you can set up one gig in less than an hour and The Big Buck Method provides you with the perfect templates as to how to do that, this alone will shave hours off of your work.

The next part is of course to start taking orders, complete them, learn how to upsell the client without them even knowing it…have them thinking that you are doing them the favour. Then of course you should rinse and repeat and before you know it you are a top rated Fiverr seller with multiple accounts (this and a few extra tricks that I don’t want to tell here as it will ruin the method) are what makes The Big Buck Method so unique and sure to succeed!



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Fiverr is a very unique market place where skilled marketers have been making crazy money since it first started. Many people now say that Fiverr is saturated and that you can’t make money as a seller there anymore….well to that all I can say is that The Big Buck Method shows us how wrong we actually are and even if I look at my own Fiverr account which I just did, since 2013 I have spent over $6000 on gigs…

So Fiverr is still a very dynamic, exciting and busy market to become a part of and with The Big Buck Method by your side you are destined for great success…

Also there is a very good help desk set up to answer questions so that if you get stuck you can ask the experts (if for some reason they are not around then you can ask me)


OTO 1 is a 2 part done for you package that trust me when I say it will help you to tap into some of the most profitable niches and have the tools and knowledge to get these gigs out super fast. (this was interesting for me and one of the gigs is one that I used to order almost daily)

OTO 2 is all about how to very cheaply outsource and automate your business. (this means that for those of you stuck in a day job you can still start your business for a very small cost and be making profits for when you are working completely from home)



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