The CPA Project Review

The CPA Project Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Every traffic method is free and so are the tools to set it all up.
  • I have never used the traffic methods quite like this!


  • If you are a very beginner or just need a re fresher on CPA then I have included bonuses about CPA Plus one of the extras in about using Bing so I have added in my own special Bing Training as a Bonus when you buy through this site!

The CPA Project Review – Simple title and a simple easy to put into action training course!


Welcome Readers to The CPA Project Review, I have always had a weak spot for CPA training and even though I don’t have the time to try The CPA Project I would have bought it just to see the traffic methods.

As usual I have not read the sales page, I did grab 2 pictures from the top of the sales page just to put in my review.

The CPA Project Review

The CPA Project Review


As I said above I have always had a thing for CPA training courses, not really sure why, maybe it’s just the simple nature and diversity of the offers that you can find on most CPA networks.

I actually have 49 Dollars pending on my Peerfly CPA account from about 2 years ago, you need to have 50 to withdraw it ?

This is my first time reviewing a CPA product in over a year, well the traffic methods in Ad Target Drill are perfect for CPA offers!

So if you do not know what CPA is then the CPA Project will explain that in great detail inside of the training including how to get accepted into the best networks.

CPA offers come in every niche that I can think of and also every type of ways to get the offer completed.

The CPA Project Review

The CPA Project Review – The members are with video training!


Some offers all that you have to do is get someone to add their email, ZIP code or just a phone number.

From an offer like that you will only make about 3 to 6 Dollars but there are no refunds and it is a lot easier to get people to put their ZIP or email in a form that offers the chance to win a case of Coke or a holiday.

This is all taught in the CPA Project but I just wanted to give you an idea in case you have never heard of CPA.

Then there are offers that if you get people to take a trial of something and they add in their credit card details then you will make anything from 50 to 500 Dollars.

The CPA Project Review

The CPA Project Review


The more action that the person has to do the more you get paid. You may be thinking but I only get 3 to 6 Dollars for some offers but trust me when I say that it adds up fast.

I always do a review video and in my the CPA Project video review I will open up and show you my Maxbounty and Peerfly accounts and we can have a look together at some of the offers, actually I have been meaning to promote some BizzOp offers on this site.

I have used almost every traffic method there is to drive traffic to CPA offers, actually Craigslist I worked out my own method and should have created a product about it but was not at that stage yet in my online career.

Anyway you are not here to listen to me talking about my love of CPA, you are here to find out more about the CPA Project.

Inside of the CPA Project members area there are 17 main training videos that are over the shoulder so that you can follow along with them.

One of my favourite little additions to any product and the CPA Project has is a PDF that breaks down the course so that people get to know what they will be doing and can refer back to it.

The main traffic sources are from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Quora and they are free methods which makes getting started a lot easier.

My last CPA promotion was using a Bing and CPA method that I had a review copy of (which I will find and give as a bonus if you buy through this site).

The CPA Project Review

The CPA Project Review – The PDF version!


Setting up the traffic methods in the CPA Project is very beginner friendly and even the YouTube method is something that I would not have thought of, clever and easy.

The Twitter method I have never heard of, the Facebook method I have used something similar and got good results.

The CPA Project also covers Quora which I have to say really interested me as I joined and optimised my Quora account and answered a load of questions and never really got any traffic BUT after watching the video in the members area I know where I was going wrong.

Yes the CPA Project is aimed at CPA offers but I think that you could use these clever traffic methods to promote Clickbank offers or affiliate platforms like Market Health.

The last thing that I wanted to say about the CPA Project is that all of the traffic methods are free and so are all of the tools that you will need. All of the tools that are shown I had never heard of before, besides one.

My final the CPA Project review is that if you can spend a few hours getting everything set then I really see no reason that you cant start making 50 to 100 Dollars a day in less than a week and then just continue to scale.

That is another reason that I love CPA is that when you find a winning campaign you just scale and send even more traffic, again all of this is taught in the CPA project.



OTO 1 of The CPA Project is a complete Done for you system!


OTO 2 is The 100 Dollar method which is advanced training on how to set up a complete passive income stream!


OTO 3 is 5 case studies that includes all the offers, keywords, landing pages and everything that you need to just copy paste to your own campaigns!




Firstly I Have Some Useful Vendor Bonuses For You From The Creators!


Commission Pirate!

Commission Freebooter

9 Min Commission

Instant Tube Raider

100 Dollars a day


Now ALL of the bonuses below are from my private collection!


Video Course For CPA Beginners (7 video module course that will walk you from not knowing what CPA is to getting ready to run your first campaigns)


CPA Insider Secrets (PDF Starter course – 22 Video Training course on many of the secrets that CPA product creators don’t want you to know but are explained here in a very easy to follow video and PDF training, a perfect product for any CPA beginner – Complete Website with graphics)


CPA List Building Course (Full Course PDF – 5 HD Over the Shoulder Video Course on harnessing the power of CPA and list building to create an evergreen CPA list building 6 Figure business)


CPA Marketing Hack (10 HD Video course starting from the very beginning to make you a fulltime super CPA Affiliate – Everything you will ever need to know about the highly profitable World of CPA Marketing)


Mastering CPA and Facebook (5 HD detailed over the shoulder video course on using the immense power of the Biggest social media platform to set up and profit from CPA)


Twitter Marketing Traffic (10 HD videos that will finally show you the real potential for using Twitter to create unlimited traffic, sales and leads – Most people don’t know the full money making potential of Twitter…change that TODAY)


YouTube Marketing Hack (10 HD videos showing you some easy to implement and clever tricks to get quick and easy rankings on YouTube – So easy it could be called a hack)


YouTube Master Editor (7 HD videos on How to learn How To Edit Your Videos For Free Using YouTube Editor! Most people don’t even know about the editor in YouTube but it is an extremely powerful tool)


YouTube Channel Authority 2019 (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. YouTube is always changing, both the platform and the marketing styles. This packed training covers some of the best YouTube marketing points and latest skills that I have ever seen.)


Facebook Fan page Traffic Guide (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fan page is even more targeted than having a list)


Facebook Ads Domination 2.0 (10 PDF’s and 10 HD Videos that will start you at the very beginning of Fb ads and slowly teach you how to master the new FB platform so that you can get huge Return on Investment. To get started you can use as little as $5 and see a big ROI. Also covers topics such as “Boosted Posts”, something that I use regularly)


Bing Ads MasterClass (Full course PDF training – 10 HD video training that will walk you through how to use the ever growing Bing Ads platform to get cheap clicks and high converting campaigns – Everything that you should know about making money on Bing but probably don’t, perfect for scaling with CPA!)



Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above When You Buy Through My Sites Exclusive Links!





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