The GNT Formula Review

The Gin and Tonic Method? Not quite!


Today I am looking at a fellow online marketers new training course called The GNT Formula. In my The GNT Formula Review I hope to give you a better idea of what the course is about and if it is for you!

Firstly the name The GNT Formula kind of sounds like the drink, a Gin and Tonic but what The GNT Formula stands for is The Google News Traffic Formula.

The GNT Formula Review

The GNT Formula Review


Now I am sure that you will have heard of Google News but how can it be used to drive traffic and use that traffic to make money? Well honestly before going through The GNT Formula I didn’t know much about.

I moved away from home a long time to a small quite sea side town so I avoid the news as much as possible (unless my Wife who is a Facebook addict tells me something that she has read).

After going through The GNT Formula I have to admit that using this method could actually really work to drive a load of very targeted traffic. Getting traffic is surprisingly easy, but getting targeted traffic that converts is hard, no matter the niche that you are in.

The GNT Formula Review

The GNT Formula Review


Before I go into The GNT Formula a bit more I will quickly tell you what you get for a very small price. The main training course of The GNT Formula is a 51 page very detailed PDF.

Now the one thing that I will say about the PDF is that it is really aimed at beginners (or at least the first half is, as you are walked through every step with a lot of screenshots).

Now this is great if you are completely new to this kind of business but for people looking to get to the real juicy parts then you might find yourself skimming a little.

As well as The GNT Formula PDF there are also 2 quite long videos (the first is very important as it is about nothing but monetisation and we are all here to make money, right?)

The GNT Formula Review

The GNT Formula Review


The second is a course about list building which is something that we should all be doing and by using The GNT Formula you should make the most of the traffic that you are getting by making sales plus building your list.

Using The GNT Formula driving traffic, making sales and building your list are all possible.

Now getting on Google News is actually quite complicated but I have to say that after reading The GNT Formula PDF I could easily set everything up.

Another plus about The GNT Formula is that one of the guys behind it Saul Maraney is maybe one the most honest Online Marketers that I know and also his support is excellent.

Now not to simplify The GNT Formula too much but if you are looking for a new income stream that will keep you busy (or you can outsource almost all of it), that will guarantee you a lot of traffic and give you a piece of online property that none can take from you, will grow with the more work you put into it, will make you money and is something that will never stop working then I have to say in my The GNT Formula Review to give this cheap new course a try!


Upsell 1 of The GNT Formula is a Complete Done For You Package! (DFY upsells are always useful as they save you time)


Upsell 2 of The GNT Formula is a Specially created Mastermind group for everyone who is using the method. (A good place to get instant answers and help)


Upsell 3 of The GNT Formula is one on one training / private coaching!



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