The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51 – $74 Per Hour Review

When I first began in Internet Marketing I used to have a load of Marketers mailing me with the next best and big thing. Now I only have 2 people who I let email me and 1 is the creator of Arbitrage Underdog, Tom E. We had been talking and he was telling me about a great new product that I would love, I trust Tom so I got The IM Goofball’s Guide and have to say that this is an amazing guide to making money online.



With The IM Goofball’s Guide you can start in days and begin making a serious amount of easy money that requires absolutely no financial risk or money upfront to get started. I have no idea how Tom and Mark (the other creator) came up with a simple well put together product such as The IM Goofball’s Guide. If you are still struggling to make your first sale or you need an another income stream then you would be crazy not to invest in the The IM Goofball’s Guide.

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Inside the The IM Goofball’s Guide you will get over the shoulder video training that anyone can follow, there are PDF guides, there are templates and even checklists so that you can make The IM Goofball’s Guide the easiest product ever to follow along with.



In The IM Goofball’s Guide you will be walked along through the video training and learn exactly how to provide very high paying services to an untapped and evergreen market of buyers. With The IM Goofball’s Guide you can easily earn a full time income using part time hours.

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I must warn you though if you think this is some set and forget it business then you will be wrong, with The IM Goofball’s Guide you will have to do some work but the thing is that once you have taken the short time to watch and understand the course you will have the skills needed to make consistent money. I really like The IM Goofball’s Guide because for every hour you put in you will make money, as I said before this does require work but you will be well paid for it. The IM Goofball’s Guide is what Tom’s friend Mark does full time and even when he started with this method he was still having to turn away clients.



Any business where you have the power to say no to new clients because you have too much work already then that is a beautiful thing and that is what The IM Goofball’s Guide will give you. I am going to give this to my Fiancee who knows nothing about IM and let her see how easy it can be to make money using the The IM Goofball’s Guide and I may even do this in my spare time just as another income stream.

Create Your First Online Income or Start Another!

That is the great thing about The IM Goofball’s Guide is that you can do it as much as you want to make a few extra 100 Dollars or you could use The IM Goofball’s Guide to build a full time business and finally quit your day job. That is the first time that I have ever said that in any of my reviews but I can not see anyway that if you put The IM Goofball’s Guide into action that you will fail.

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If you want to make money and don’t mind a bit of hard work (hard work but part time hours to make a full time income) which you can do from your living room then The IM Goofball’s Guide is for you…



OTO 1 is is something that will make this even easier to do and will also help non English speakers a lot!!



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  1. Marc (Post author)

    Thank you for saying that Eric, I buy almost every new product that I can get the rights to….

    All you should have to do is click the link on my site and buy through my site/link(to be safe you could clear your cookies but that shouldn’t be necessary). The bonus products are added to my affiliate link ( but many people miss the bonus link so if that is the case send me over your proof of payment (even just the email address you used to buy) and I will send you the link myself. My email is [email protected],

    Nice to meet you Eric!

  2. Eric

    Will buy Goofball Guide. Your bonuses are NOT garbage PLR. (Refreshing). Kindly advise how to make sure I buy through you and exactly how to claim bonuses.

  3. Marc (Post author)

    Hello Velt,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. In the review I tell you that you will be providing “how to provide very high paying services to an untapped and evergreen market of buyers.”. I know that this is not greatly detailed but if I were to list the services and where to get the clients don’t you think that would be a bit unfair to Tom and Mark. If I did that then I would be basically giving away their product for free…I know and like Tom but that doesn’t mean that I would write a glowing review about a rubbish product. If you read many of my other reviews I tell it how it is and if the product is terrible I wont review it.

    Here is an example of a product that I wrote about a “Guru” who sent me a review copy without me asking, as you can see I am very blunt and in turn hurt his sales.

    Now I try to only review the good stuff or stuff that at least has some great qualities or products that I can explain in more detail to my readers (For example I have been asked a few times not to reveal the traffic source of a Product but if I think it is important I do reveal it, this is my site and I can say what I want 🙂

    I would love to hear your experience with this product as I have not had the time to put it into action. Also thanks for your mention about my Bonus Products, I spend a lot of money buying the rights to my bonus products so that I can give you the best. If you have seen another bonus on another review and really want it then just email me and I will send it over to you!!

    Thanks again,


  4. Velt

    Thank you for relating your personal experience with Tom E. in this review. Though by not giving away the true nature of this product, it makes people wonder if this has anything to do with email copywriting. Finally, thanks also for preparing a great list of bonuses. I’m getting the IM Goofballs Guide.

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