The Perfect Affiliate Storm Review

The Perfect Affiliate Storm by Chris Cole was a very interesting product for me to read as this is one of the business models that I use but also included in the actual main packed PDF are a lot of traffic sources (I counted 11 good solid traffic sources, all of them free, so I will be exploring them more tonight)



Affiliate marketing in the IM niche is one of the easiest ways that I have found to get started making money and The Perfect Affiliate Storm is the perfect blueprint to get you started and it also offers several ways to get started and if followed should have you making easy IM affiliate commissions very quickly.

Firstly The Perfect Affiliate Storm will show and teach you how to go about getting accepted and choosing which products will convert the best.



Another thing about The Perfect Affiliate Storm is that even a complete beginner can get started as there are no complicated product launches to write and organise, this will work even if you have no list at all, you will also need only a few Dollars to get started, you will not have to worry about having any techy skills and if you were to spend an hour a day then you will be making that $100 a day.

The Perfect Affiliate Storm shows you a surprising amount of free tools that most people don’t know or would never think to use. One of the traffic sources that The Perfect Affiliate Storm goes into a lot of detail is video and how to leverage that without even creating a video.



Some of the other traffic sources are ones that I have never tried before but some you may know but not how to leverage the traffic from it. Some of the more interesting traffic sources explained were Google Hangouts, Pinterest and even slideshare.

It is not very often that I go through a product and realise how much it affects one of my income streams and what I could do to make that income stream produce a lot more. The Perfect Affiliate Storm will be getting reread by me and I will most certainly be taking a lot away from this product…


OTO 1 is a complete over the shoulder video training that I highly recommend. The training covers many things not in the main PDF and has some very good info about launch jacking!

OTO 2 is the Viddy Rank Software – This will give you a huge step up when it comes to using videos to crush launches!



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