The Radical Shift Review

The Radical Shift by James Renouf is out and as always it is about something new to the Online World. James is usually the first person to find new platforms or online systems that many overlook and more to the point to find ways to use that new platform as a marketer.



The Radical Shift is not a super detailed product about list building that will show you the way to go step by step but rather in my honest opinion the PDF The Radical Shift is about how to use this particular platform and to give you some great ideas as to how use the options and trends of this platform to your advantage.

The platform that is explained about in great detail in The Radical Shift is growing at a very fast rate and the potential for marketers is huge if you are just able to think out the box a little.



In The Radical Shift James does suggest one very easy looking and in my opinion a great idea which is to use this very social and niche specific platform to build a list. Using what you will learn in The Radical Shift there is no reason that you cant build a strong list of subscribers in many different kinds of niches, not just the usual make money online niche.

The platform and how to use it is the main course inside The Radical Shift so even though James suggests a few ideas you should really be ready to have your thinking hat on as the potential here is huge. You can promote your own products in any niche, create a very specific niche following.



The platform in The Radical Shift could be used to sell affiliate products, build a list or even to build a dedicated following and promote CPA offers.

There are 2 OTO’s and both are related to the The Radical Shift and will help you laser focus in and be able to implement your own system with some DFY material and much more!




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