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The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy is by a first time product creator . I have just finished reading the copy he sent over for me and while there was not a great deal of new things for me to learn this is a simple method that works and has been working since I had a fleet of YouTube videos all pumping out CPA commissions.




For serious YouTubers who are always looking to add new quality information to their business arsenal then The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy will certainly do that. One the first things covered in The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy is very detailed keyword research technique which I have never used before and will think about using this in the future as I checked out the method and it is solid.

The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy is presented in a short PDF form which will take not long to read but I am sure that you will find yourself referring back to it often in your YouTube business.




Some of the things covered in the beginning of The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy are Title Optimisation, the description (which is very important and many YouTubers forget how important it is!). Tagging and the power of tagging is in the third chapter. Step 4 for me was interesting as it covers the power and usefulness of creating a playlist (though without the steps in The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy you may make your videos rank worse ) whatitis

Step 5 and 6 are about Syndication and what I love which is backlinking (anything SEO I love!). The methods are very similar to what I use myself. Overall The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy is a solid method for ranking and making money from videos and comes with many bonus money making ideas which are included in the main PDF which could have been used as OTO’s instead The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy has everything included!

If you are looking for a solid way to make money from video marketing that is detailed, free and very very simple to follow then you can’t go wrong with The Youtube Killer Rankings Strategy!



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