TrafficXpro Review

TrafficXpro Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • This is not a complicated software to use but has real power if used correctly!


  • There are no training videos so I created my own PLUS added 20 DFY niche sites as a Bonus! (SCROLL to the bottom to see)

TrafficXpro Review – Let’s check the claims on the sales page and see if they are true.


Hello Readers and Rockstar’s, Welcome to my TrafficXpro Review, this is the first time in over a year I have reviewed a software or training by Mosh and Jason.

I will be brutally honest and tell you why, they launch a new software every Month so I think that it is hard to keep the quality up, though I am always happy to be proven wrong.

The last product that I reviewed for Mosh was Re Kaching, more than a year ago now.

TrafficXpro Review

TrafficXpro Review


I spoke to Mosh after he sent me review access of TrafficXpro and asked him straight out how he is able to keep releasing so many software’s?

The answer was simple, Mosh has an office full of people who work for him, coders, designers, general assistants and he just oversees the various projects.

TrafficXpro brought back a few good and bad memories for me.

The very first project that I ever did online was almost 9 years ago and I followed a training course called Google Sniper, its an old one now but gave me my first taste of SEO and niche sites.

TrafficXpro Review

TrafficXpro Review


I had almost 100 “Sniper” sites all bringing me in daily commissions, they were just 1 page sites with about 1000 words on them but back then if you did great keyword research you could easily rank them.

I had niche sites from “How to lose weight fast” to “How to get out of a speeding ticket”. I just kept building those sites. Some would bring me in 10 Dollars a day and some 100 Dollars a week.

I really thought that I was set for life…then the first and biggest Google algorithm came and within 48 hours all my sites were gone from page 1 to page who knows where.

So after watching the demo video of TrafficXpro and going through my copy of TrafficXpro I realized that this could be the next step in having high traffic niche sites bringing you in consistent sales and traffic.

Anyway I just wanted to share with you why I decided that I wanted to review TrafficXpro and maybe even try it (I have a review copy but also my own personal copy).

Inside the members area of TrafficXpro which is a SAAS tool (that just means that you don’t have to download anything) you can add your niche sites or niche site depending on how new you are to working online.

At the bottom you will see my bonuses and one of them is perfect, 20 niche sites ready to go!

Now once you have uploaded your site (s) inside of the TrafficXpro members area where you can control them completely all from one place you can get free content that is going to be around 99% unique to Google.

TrafficXpro Review

TrafficXpro Review


Now how does that work?

Well on YouTube you have something called closed captions which is what the people in the video are saying and you can search by keyword to find the best videos in your niche and use that content to add to your website thus giving you unique content.

So now you have niche sites or site that you can instantly add content to using TrafficXpro.

The next thing that you can do is to search on Amazon and Ebay for products to add to your niche site.  Though you can monetise your posts with ANY affiliate offer!

The search function in TrafficXpro brings up a lot of products that can be added with a few clicks.

You can also use someone else’s video on your post together with the content that you have, for example a review video for a product on Amazon.

Then without leaving your TrafficXpro members area you can share your post to multiple social networks and Web 2.0s.

These days to create a niche site you can not just throw up a one page site with 1000 words, you need to have a lot of quality content, the more the better.

TrafficXpro Review

TrafficXpro Review


Having more content means that people stay on your site longer and Google loves that and with the TrafficXpro software you can monetise any post with multiple products from Amazon or Ebay or both or even use another affiliate platform.

The last time that I reviewed anything even slightly similar was Drop Gecko by Cindy Donovan which was based around eCom!

The great thing as well with TrafficXpro is that you can have as many sites as you want inside of your software dashboard and just keep adding content, pictures, videos, products and everything can be done with a few clicks inside of the software dashboard.

There are also 9 videos that cover every detail that you need to get set up.

My final TrafficXpro Review is that this is a really clever and smart way to build a business a LOT faster than normal and have complete control of everything all in the one place.

The only thing that I would have liked to have seen is actually training on how to make money from this software.

Having a powerful software without any training on how to use it is a BIG CON for me SO Scroll down to see the bonus products that I am giving away that will make TrafficXpro Complete!

There are some OTO’s or Upsells which I will list below!


OTO 1 is TrafficXPro – Unlimited Profits Edition! This allows you to add more sites. You can also add and manage other peoples sites for them and you can set the software to automatically sel update your sites without you having to anything.


OTO 2 is TrafficXPro – 100x Advanced Edition! This grabs the hottest trending news and instantly creates a new site based around that trend. A clever way to pull in the latest trend or news and cash in on it.


OTO 3 is DFY Money Sites! These are 20 niche sites that are set up for you in 20 hot niches (Though do remember the bonus that I am including at the bottom…20 niche sites but you will have to upload them yourself.


OTO 4 is is called the Super Affiliate Machine! This has to do with getting free traffic through advertising from Mosh and his team!







20 Ready To Upload Niche Blogs (20 of the top niches in a beautifully designed theme complete with graphics, logos, banners, content and all pages that you need to be Google compliant. Stunning sites created by a top designer)


Google Complete Domination (14 HD Video Training + 10 Step by Step PDFs + The Google Masters Blueprint PDF. This packed training course contains everything that you need to know about ranking, SEO, organic traffic, on page SEO and even tweaking your content so that you make Google work for you!)


Amazon Affiliate Profits (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 16 HD videos. A course that covers many methods to make sales through Amazon including using niche sites, perfect for this software!)


FBA Profit Masters (9 HD video course on how to use the power of FBA to make a fortune on Amazon, Ebay, craigslist or to drive targeted traffic to anywhere, powerful in demand training that will open your eyes to the huge potential)


The Golden Niche List (My own bestselling product that I have updated for this launch that was part of a high ticket launch that selects 90+ sub niches that are easy to target and for every niche there is at least 2 products that you can promote as an affiliate)


Massive Graphics Pack (To create good looking ads or to brighten up any site or video you need real eye catching graphics that stand out. This is 3 full zip files with 100’s of images and graphics)


Ranker Site Speed Secrets (main PDF training + 10HD Videos on everything that you can do to make your site super-fast and more importantly how to keep it that way, many methods that I had never even heard of)


WordPress Super-Fast Track To Success (31 HD videos that anyone can go from a complete beginner to an advanced WordPress user. This contains detailed instructions that are left out in way too many courses. Easy to watch with no fluff or filler)


SEO in 2019 (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap PDFs + 10 HD videos. This looks at onsite and offsite SEO using the latest methods that will give you a boost over any other person that you are trying to rank above. Part of my personal SEO library)


Azon Niche MEGA Pack (Azon WP Deals Plugin – Azon WP Notify PRO Plugin – Azon WP Premium Theme – Azon Niche Research Guide – Azon Camera Niche Pack – Azon Christmas Toy Niche Pack – Azon Halloween Niche Pack)


Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above By CLICKING HERE!



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