Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review

Create New Sites And Share Them With a Few Clicks!

Everyone will be hearing about Traffikrr over the next few days. While Traffikrr is not something that I will be using (which does not mean that it is bad) check out my full Traffikrr review. Now one of the main reasons that I don’t need Traffikrr is that I do everything that Traffikrr does manually.

Now with that being said I have had the chance to check out Traffikrr and see everything that it does, which is a lot, though some of the features are included in the upsell only. So to make it easier I will simply just tell you what the main Traffikrr software does.

Now lets face it, there are so many people that want to create websites, want to post cool content on their Facebook pages and of course want to make money from it all…but I do it all manually and kinda like doing it that way (though I have been thinking about getting a software to help out)

Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review


Now this would be where Traffikrr comes in. I will say this to people thinking of buying Traffikrr. This is a software built to help you build a business very fast and automate most of the hard work.

Traffikrr can be very useful but it is not a magic button. You will still have to come up with the right niches or if you already know which niche you want to be in then Traffikrr will help you a lot and really save you some valuable time.

Now at the time of writing this review I have not seen the completed Traffikrr sales page so I will tell you some of the things that I liked about it.

As I said earlier many people want to have a website or more than likely a few websites but have no real idea where they to start. This is where Traffikrr steps in. Video sites are becoming more popular every day due to being able to rank highly and keep people on your site.

So one of the first things that Traffikrr does is too pull in new videos that have just been released and add them to your site, you can also change the description and the title of the video basically making it your own video.

Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review


Now with the main Traffikrr software you can also put call to action clickable links and pictures over the videos that lead to your affiliate link.

You could even take my videos and pull them into your site and then put a clickable link over my video so that when people click the link they will go to your affiliate link than mine. Now this is all done by the Traffikrr software.

So once you are linked to my channel every time I upload a new video it goes straight to your website. Then with Traffikrr you are able to share that link to your Facebook page, Linkedin profile, Twitter account or even onto Tumbler.

At first I was wondering why use Traffikrr to pull new videos to your site, why not pull videos that are older and already have Thousands of views. Then I realised that if you pull videos that are new from someone who always posts videos that are very popular then you are seeing all that traffic right from the beginning…and people love new content!

Traffikrr Review

Traffikrr Review


When a software like Traffikrr has so many uses and functions like Traffikrr has it is very hard to review and talk about them all so I have just focused on the functions that I thought interesting.

My overall Traffikrr review is that this is a powerful piece of software that comes from three guys who have created some really amazing software that always works and seems to help people a lot and with Traffikrr this is no different!!

I almost forgot that Traffikrr comes with a full video walk through on how to set everything up and even has a video on how to set up a campaign!

You can use Traffikrr as a complete beginner or as someone who wants to speed up their site building and make the most of the Viral effect! Also I know that Leigh (one of the designers) has been using Traffikrr to make a lot of sale and build his list. So he is actually using the Traffikrr software in his business to make money in his spare time!


Upsell 1 is Gold version of the software (This gives more options and features)


Upsell 2 is Elite  (Which is a wordpress THEME to compliment the plugin)


Upsell 3 is Platinum  (Advanced Training Course to complement front end + case study)


Upsell 4 is Done For You Traffic (this is the traffic methods that the creators use)




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