Tribe Review

Tribe Review


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  • There is a very powerful traffic method that is not there...It could be that I am the only one to use Scroll down to check out the bonus that I just made!

Tribe Review – A new collaboration from Two old School Product Creators.


Hello and Welcome My Dear Readers to this detailed Tribe Review, this is the latest product from 2 vendors who used to launch often but stopped to work on other projects.

Fergal Downes and Ben Martin were regular product launchers but both stopped to follow other paths in the Online World.

Going LIVE on the 20th of April at 11AM EST!

So when I got a message from Fergal about a method called Tribe that he has been using to make a lot of money daily using nothing but Facebook groups I was interested.

Tribe Review

Tribe Review


Three of the main reasons that I was interested is that I have my own Facebook group and know the power of having one and I wanted to see what Fergal has been up to while away from the launch scene.

The last reason is that I have followed Fergal’s Online career and consider myself friends with him, I also have gotten a lot from his previous products such as Seaside Profits which helped me build up my recurring income.

In my experience when product creators take a break but then come back it is usually a sign that they have decided to let us in on what they have been doing while away from the launch scene.

Tribe Review

Tribe Review


I have just went through all 16 training videos of Tribe and even though I know a lot about growing and running a Facebook group I did pick up a few tips that will help me.

One of the things that I just presumed Facebook did was store the questions that you add for new joining members.

I was totally wrong and lost out on building my email list by about 800 new emails.

Well I found out in Tribe two ways so that will never happen again.

Another thing that I had never thought about was outsourcing to get new members into my Facebook group which I now know how to do and where to go.

Tribe Review

Tribe Review


Fergal’s group is a lot bigger than mine as he is a bit more “aggressive” than me when it comes to getting new members but it really does work and he has multiple case studies to prove just how much he has been making with only FB groups.

The main Tribe training is very beginner friendly and shows you how to set up everything so that your group is totally optimised.

Then Fergal over the shoulder shows you different traffic methods to start growing your group (I just recorded a bonus video on my top traffic method for getting people into my Facebook group which also includes 13 full products to give away).

I will explain that part more at the end of my Tribe review with the other bonuses.

Tribe Review

Tribe Review


To sum up my Tribe review, this is a simple to start and very powerful method to make sales, both normal and recurring while growing an audience that will trust you and is almost as powerful as having a list.

You can also use this in any niche though Tribe is focused on the Online Marketing niche but with a few tweaks can be used to build and promote anything.

Like all the information products that I review on this site Tribe is backed up with multiple case studies and easy to follow training that any beginner can implement.

Having a Facebook group is a powerful Online Asset that every business owner should have or if you are just starting then this is a quick way to start building your business and is not a one trick method that will stop working.

Rather it will just keep growing and making you money.


There are a few OTOs which I will list below (they are not necessary but will help). Below them you should check out my bonuses especially the one that I just made today.


OTO 1 is a DFY offer!


OTO 2 is of Tribe is a “Big Ticket Method”, “Big Ticket Rolodex” and a “10K Coaching Bonus”!


OTO 3 is 2 Dollar trial to Fergal’s Empire VIP Club!


OTO 4 is Tribe Resell Rights!




Marc’s Facebook Group Traffic Secret (I just recorded this unlisted video on how I use free products to advertise my group and grow it as well as building a LOT of trust. This method works by word of mouth or it can be used alone or combined with one of Fergal’s traffic methods. Even better is that I am giving away THIRTEEN Full products and software that you can use with my permission to speed up this fast traffic method)


Facebook Fan page Ad Traffic (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, from there you can then add them to your FB group)


Facebook Group Monster (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos that walk you through the power of using Facebook groups to blow up your profits. While Tribe is a very solid course I thought that this would give you more ideas on how to use your FB group)


Passive Pro – Launching June (When I spoke to Fergal about giving me something for my readers and viewers that no one else would have I was very surprised that he offered me his next product that is being released in June. So you get full access to his next product which fits perfectly as it is all about how to build up recurring income. All I can say is that I really liked this product and it’s a perfect match for Tribe and no one else will have access to it until June)



So Grab These Amazing Bonuses Above When You Grab TRIBE By Clicking Here!


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