Trio Review

Trio Review


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Trio Review – A rather nice surprise to what I was expecting from this product!


Hello My Readers, Welcome to my Trio Review, I really did not expect much from this product but have been very pleasantly surprised.

Trio is created by a vendor who I have never reviewed before. Dan Ashendorf and his wife, Carolyn.

Trio Review

Trio Review


I really don’t know why I never got around to looking at their products before but I am glad that I did this time as it solves quite a few problems and also is great value (I also have some great bonuses for Trio).

When I first got review access there were a few problems getting into my actual review access which Dan fixed right away.

There are several parts to Trio and some of it is taken from Dan’s high ticket training which is normally 997 Dollars so you know that you can expect high quality for a low cost.

Trio Review

Trio Review


What do you get in the main product?

Inside of the members area there is a 164 page eBook that covers all of Dans business model which I actually found interesting and picked up a few tips from.

Some vendors only launch products but in this case Dan explains in lots of detail the different methods that he does besides launching products.

The Trio PDF (It has been a while since I read a PDF which was nice) explains all the things that Dan does besides launching products, such as list building with free traffic, YouTube, Webinars, a membership site, Facebook and other social media including Quora.

Trio Review

Trio Review


These are all assets that you can create one at a time as you follow along with the Trio 3 step system.

Then there are all the training videos in Trio that explain how to use the software that can bring you in unlimited content and actually build you a packed website full of content and videos all of which are under the creative commons licence.

The software is one that I used for the first time even though I know that Mark Bishop launched one last year called BLOOM (though I don’t know if that is still in use.)

Mark is also the creator of one my favourite products BLOX!

Anyway the Trio software is a plugin that pulls content from YouTube videos so you can be sure that the content will be unique.

I was not sure what to expect from the software but I was very happy with how it worked and how the blog post looked and read.

The only change that I made was to add in my own website review for that particular video, by that I mean I found a video that was about a certain product that I had reviewed already and just added in my own link.

Trio Review

Trio Review


This created a very good looking and unique article that I would actually use on my own site if I needed to start a new site and needed good content.

I know that this a lot shorter than my usual reviews but I wanted to get right to the point as I have a lot of bonuses to show you.

So to give my final Trio Review, I will say that I enjoyed reviewing this training and software and think that it is great value and that you can really build a great website and start a business from Trio.

The eBook read well, was clear and to the point with a lot of easy to follow steps as well as many examples.

The Trio software worked perfectly for me, it was smooth, quick and did everything that I wanted it to do. You can also do keyword research and translate the content into 103 languages with it and the blog posts are very well laid out.

Okay… OTO time!


OTO 1 is a social media sharing software called Viral Spark!


OTO 2 is Viral Spark Unlimited!


OTO 3 is a reseller licence!




Firstly 20 Bonuses from the vendor which I will not list but will be included when you buy through my site!


My Bonuses Are Below!


Marc’s Private YouTube Coaching Secrets (I created this recently 1 other product and only kept it available during the launch. This is the ultimate 40 minute training session on how to take advantage of the secrets that other marketers don’t tell you. This training is taken directly from my 5000 Dollar one on one coaching program that will give you a 100x advantage over anyone else starting or wanting to build their YouTube channel. This information will again be gone after the launch)


Social Trend Spy ( A WP plugin to spy on profitable, trending, high-converting Facebook Ad Campaigns and Posts in any niche.)


Logo Studio (A full software for creating as many logos as you want or need for yourself or others)


List Building Fire (A full training course of how to build your list fast plus 100’s of methods to make sales from a small list)


Set and Forget Search Traffic (This is a software that installs onto your website and pulls in organic traffic)


Traffic Robot (Every month build up more and more targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Another very powerful software)


Content Marketing Blueprint (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Now with the Trio software you can get unlimited content this packed training will show you the best way to go about using that content to get the most eyes on it and bring in the most traffic and sales)


WordPress and List Building Course (24 HD video course on everything you need to know about WordPress and using it too build a list with. Once you have your foundation built then you can focus on adding content and driving traffic!)



Don’t Miss Out On These Great Bonuses When You Grab Trio Through My Exclusive Link!






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