Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This really is something new that I would never have thought of!


  • The training is great but if you are no Facebook marketing expert then you may have to Google a lot of things about Facebook OR simply grab all my bonuses about EVERY aspect of Facebook by scrolling to the bottom!

In my Tripwire Buyer Traffic review I am going to talk about a very clever method that I have never seen before!


Over the years I have reviewed about 300 products but nothing like what you will see in my Tripwire Buyer Traffic review.

Last summer I reviewed another training course by Aidan Corkery called IBT.

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review


I thought that was a great training course and even used some of the methods but stopped due to some limitations that I found when growing the business.

It is a great way to get started but can only be built to a certain level, now Tripwire Buyer Traffic is a very clever way that allows you to still get free proven buyers except now you can keep building your free buyers list.

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review


What Tripwire Buyer Traffic teaches you is to be able to pull those buyers that you find on Facebook and add them to your messenger bot list.

So instead of having to find new buyers all the time Tripwire Buyer Traffic shows you how to use a bot to keep the buyers that you find on Facebook and build a list from them using a messenger bot service.

It is actually evening as I write this because I went through every video in the Tripwire Buyer Traffic members area and lost track of time checking out the possibilities.

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review


Inside the members area of Tripwire Buyer Traffic there are 24 easy to follow walk through videos on how to get set up and what makes it even better is that as you are building up your messenger bot list you are making money with every person who gets added to your bot list.

Now from the many products that I have reviewed there have only been a few that I have actually thought WOW, I am going to completely implement this.

Well Tripwire Buyer Traffic has come at the perfect time as I am looking for a new income / traffic stream and will be actually starting to use Tripwire Buyer Traffic almost exactly as explained by Aidan.

Now why do I love the idea of setting this up as a new income stream?

Well firstly Tripwire Buyer Traffic is extremely easy to set up and not time consuming.

It is one of the few methods that I have seen that anyone can get started with and unlike the last product by Aidan Tripwire Buyer Traffic is going to allow me to build up an a new asset that is as powerful as having a buyers list.

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review

Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review


Another great thing about Tripwire Buyer Traffic is that Facebook messenger bots are just getting started and many experts believe that they will soon become as important as having a website or list!

So who is Tripwire Buyer Traffic perfect for?

Well anyone that wants to earn money really….

If you are completely new to making money online then this is perfect!

If you have a website but are lacking targeted visitors!

If like me you want to get more buyers and traffic then this is one of the easiest ways that I have seen!

There are very few negatives about Tripwire Buyer Traffic but if you are new to Facebook or don’t know how to use every function then YOU WILL NEED the bonuses that I am giving away at the bottom of the page!


OTO 1 of Tripwire Buyer Traffic is a Traffic Done For You Pack!


OTO 2 of Tripwire Buyer Traffic is Traffic Frenzy, which is an advanced traffic training course!


OTO 3 of Tripwire Buyer Traffic is a set of advanced case studies that you can copy paste to achieve success quicker!





Facebook Marketing 101 (9 training videos that will get you started on using the many vital features of Facebook)


Facebook Fanpage Secrets (Main training PDF + 10 video upsell that will show you how to use the secrets of Fanpages to grow your messenger bot list)


Facebook Ads Uncovered (16 training videos that show you how to get cheap clicks that will allow you to grow your buyers list even quicker for a few cents per click)


Facebook Business in a box (main course PDF – Cheatsheet PDF – 10 HD videos. This training covers everything from using FB ads too building and optimising your fan pages to using all the resources of Facebook to get as much FREE traffic as you could ever need)


Facebook LIVE Interaction marketing (main course PDF – 15 HD videos. There is no better way to build up your Facebook following and get free traffic than interacting Live with your growing followers)


Facebook List Building Software (Full Software and PDF Instructions that will allow you to use this software to build a list by getting the real email addresses of buyers who want to interact with you)


Facebook Take Over 2.0 (10 PDF’s and 10 HD Videos on how you can easily use the many features of Facebook to take over every aspect of Facebook marketing. No detail is left uncovered and this is a packed training course that will propel you ahead in your FB business)


New Age Instagram Marketing (Full PDF training with 12 HD videos that will show you how to grow, use, connect and profit from Instagram. Too many people don’t know that you can now connect your Instagram profile to your FB page which is covered in this full training!)



Grab Tripwire Buyer Traffic PLUS ALL the Bonuses Above By CLICKING HERE!





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