Tube CPA Loophole Review

Tube CPA Loophole is out and it is selling. As we all know Video marketing is huge at the moment and probably the quickest way to get cheap or free traffic to your offer and Video and CPA are a match made in heaven.



My review of Tube CPA Loophole will be short because the actual PDF is very short and does have a few grammar and spelling mistakes. Tube CPA Loophole is most definitely for real beginners as reading through Tube CPA Loophole was like a major Deja vu…

As I said I will keep my review of Tube CPA Loophole short because it is not until you get to the OTO’s that this becomes interesting. Tube CPA Loophole goes something like this. What is CPA and the different types of offers, how to get into a CPA network, Tube CPA Loophole provides 4 different ways to have your video made for you or do it yourself.



Tube CPA Loophole then goes onto to show you how to choose an offer, then how to upload your video and write your description the Tube CPA Loophole way, which really is not a loophole, just the standard way besides a couple of small details

Then we are shown how to get views so that our video rockets to the top of YouTube and Google. The website that is shown about how to get views is way more expensive than the one I use which is called  That is the main product Tube CPA Loophole in a nutshell.

Now I am not saying don’t buy this but unless you are a complete beginner then you will be very disappointed with the main product. Now the OTO’s are a different story…


OTO 1 is a 6 video detailed over the shoulder course which goes into much greater and much more detail about the method and also on how to use a similar method to build your list. Yes the video OTO in Tube CPA Loophole should have been the main product and to make this OTO even better you get a WP Plugin for free that I just paid $27 for called WP optins which is the easiest plugin to create optin forms, sale pages, thank you pages and exit pop ups and a whole lot more.



OTO 2 of Tube CPA Loophole is a complete Done for you package that includes squeeze pages, landing pages, video scripts, mobile landing pages, email follow up messages and download and thank you pages.

Reviewing Tube CPA Loophole has been a strange experience because I feel like I have reviewed and told more about the OTO’s which are much better than the basic main product Tube CPA Loophole unless you are a complete beginner who doesn’t know anything about video or CPA.

On this site I only recommend what I think is good and Tube CPA Loophole is a decent product if you buy the OTO’s. I would buy the OTO just to get the WP optins plugin.

One last thing I will say is that the help and support provided is excellent, I know because I asked 7 really stupid questions and got solid useful replies back….that is something we should always consider!

**ATTENTION – If you are looking for a very good product about Video and Promoting ANYTHING then check out Tube Ranking Formula (just released and the same bonus products added to the Download Link). The only reason this hasn’t sold almost 1000 copies is because all the big marketers stick together and promote each others products very often, as is the case with Tube CPA Loophole.

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