Tube Gorilla Review

Tube Gorilla Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • A solid tool that will help you with your video marketing!


  • Not many besides a hypey sales page!
  • Not grabbing my bonuses is always a mistake 🙂

Tube Gorilla Review – Is this just another useless software or does it actually serve a purpose?


Hi Dear Readers, It has been a while, welcome to my Tube Gorilla Review. There have been so many products especially software being released recently that I just could not find anything worth reviewing.

Well finally something that if you are into YouTube and want to manage and grow your YouTube channel or channels then Tube Gorilla is actually a rather great tool.

Tube Gorilla Review

Tube Gorilla Review


There are certain parts of Tube Gorilla that you could find free tools for on the internet but the reason that I like this new software is that it has everything in one place.

I have my own account and have been using it on my own marketing channel for 6 days now without any problems and have even replaced a few tools that I don’t need anymore.

Before I just tell you what you will most likely read on everyone else’s review and the Tube Gorilla sales page I will tell you a few of the features that I like and why.

Tube Gorilla Review

Tube Gorilla Review


There is a thumbnail creator which is actually rather good and has over 3 Million pictures that you can use as backgrounds.

You may be thinking but Canva does the same, well actually while Canva is great there is a limit to how many free backgrounds that you can choose before they ask you to upgrade.

There is a section in the software that brings up over 10,000 video clips that you can use as intro or outros or you could even edit them and use them for videos to promote anything from Clickbank to CPA offers.

Tube Gorilla Review

Tube Gorilla Review


Also these little video clips load fast and you can search for them by keyword.

In total honesty if it was not for Tube Gorilla I would never have known that those free video clips were out there or where to find them.

Another part of the Tube Gorilla software is that you can spy on your competitors and find the keywords that they are using and then download them to a CSV file and upload them to your own videos.

You can manage your own account completely within the software by uploading videos directly to YouTube with your description, tags and thumbnails.

Something that many people forget to do is keep an eye on their stats so that they can improve their rankings (something that I have been guilty of in the past).

If you want to track a specific keyword that you are trying to rank for then you can do that inside of Tube Gorilla as well.

I have actually been ranking a video review of Ministry Of Freedom (I am now working as a coach within the VIP FB group and doing weekly Q and A’s SO if you want more info on MOF let me know, it’s a great program full of an action packed Facebook group with multiple coaches now)

So I have been tinkering with my MOF video review and I have been able to track the rankings directly inside of Tube Gorilla.

Trending hashtags on YouTube are a big thing right now and that is another feature of Tube Gorilla.

Now I do want to explain a section on the sales page that says Generates SEO links and rank for most competitive niches.

This is something that the guys Trevor Carr and Dan Ashendorf are calling a “Link Wheel”!

Now I have been studying and using SEO for about 10 years and I have never heard of this type of link wheel.

Basically what it does is optimise your video description with several other videos that are related to your niche.

Tube Gorilla Review

Tube Gorilla Review


While this can be very powerful linking to super popular videos (it’s actually something that I do in my evergreen training videos) it is not what you may think of as an SEO link wheel but Tube Gorilla does it with a few clicks.

Now the last thing can be a real time saver OR a really powerful tool to build a list through YouTube is the auto comment function which once set up will automatically reply to any comment on your videos which means that you can comment with a squeeze page.

All in all my overall Tube Gorilla review is that this is a very useful tool that will allow you to manage your YouTube channels and grow them all from one place.

If you are a YouTuber or are planning on getting started then this software works and is a huge time saver.

There are a few OTOs which I will list below.


OTO 1 of Tube Gorilla is the unlimited option!


OTO 2 is a DFY offer!


OTO 3 is a Traffic Pixel option! (you get to siphon off the buyer traffic from the vendors sales pages)


OTO 4 is Reseller rights!




Normally I would just list the bonuses here which include a combination of bonuses from the vendors.

Bonuses from my private collection PLUS a Special LIMITED bonus that I created for my one on one coaching students that will speed up your success and show you how to build what I like to call a FPBN.

With an FPBN you will be easily able to outrank your competitors!


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