Tube Scout Review


Alright, finally a very useful tool for YouTube and SEO marketers called Tube Scout. Let’s get started in my Tube Scout Review why this is a must have tool for Video and SEO marketers!


Now I have been testing and testing Tube Scout for the last 5 days now and it has become a very valuable tool for my video marketing and has helped me get even higher rankings than before!

Now what exactly is Tube Scout? Well in simple terms it is a keyword and reverse engineering tool for YouTube marketers that plugs right into your Google Chrome Extensions without slowing anything down and giving you the advantage over other YouTube Marketers!

Tube Scout Review

Tube Scout Review


Now depending on how long ago you started your YouTube marketing (or even if you have not started just yet) you may remember when YouTube would provide all the information that you needed to beat your competition!


Things such as the keyword rank of a video, how many views the video actually has without having to open the actual video and even the tags and keywords that videos are using. Now the last thing that I mentioned about Tube Scout, finding the keywords and tags that a video is using in my opinion makes Tube Scout worth the money even without all the extra features!


Now think about Tube Scout as being able to see behind the scenes of other people’s business’ and be able to steal their rankings by knowing the exact keywords that that person is using to rank so highly!

Now not only does Tube Scout show you the keywords but you can simply copy and paste them from your competitors video right into your own, which I have been doing these last few days, and I can honestly say that as well as being a huge time saver it has pushed me above a lot of my competition!

Tube Scout Review

Tube Scout Review


I have actually been using the keyword feature for my WordPress sites as well. Now rather than trying to come up with a ton of good buyer keywords I just go to YouTube and find a video in the same niche and copy all their tags and keywords right onto my WordPress post!

Now I have explained why I find Tube Scout so useful but there are also many other features that are very useful for tracking your competition and being allow you to find the easiest keywords to rank for!

Tube Scout Review

Tube Scout Review


If you look above I have pointed out some of the features that make using Tube Scout so useful to me and I think that any video marketer or anyone into ranking videos through SEO will find helpful.

Now I will point out that Tube Scout only works with Google Chrome, that’s fine with me as it’s the only browser I ever use but for those Firefox and IE lovers then this 1 thing may be a problem.

On this site I am aiming to only review and recommend things that I would use, things that I am sure would work or really good and useful tools. Now for the very very low cost of Tube Scout what it does for me is a no brainer and from testing it this week I know that Tube Scout saves time and does help a lot with ranking videos!


I am happy to have had the chance to use and do a Tube Scout Review as this is another tool in my arsenal that will help me rank for higher placed keywords and even save me time with researching for Keywords for my WordPress sites!


OTO 1 is Tube Scout DFY (This includes a set of DFY ready to upload videos in different niches)

OTO 2 is Tube Scout Mastermind (This is a set of training videos)





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