Tube Traffic Avalanche Review

Tube Traffic Avalanche is here and it shines a new light on getting traffic through videos. Many people have said that youtube traffic is not effective as it once was, well to that I say look at any Google search and try to NOT find a video ranking at the top of youtube and Google….



Tube Traffic Avalanche is brought to you by Art Flair who is one of the top vendors on Warrior Plus and while there have been a few products that he has brought out that I have not reviewed because I didn’t think they were good enough, I am happy to say that Tube Traffic Avalanche is not one of them and the training inside the members area of Tube Traffic Avalanche is very solid and is what many people are using to make a full time income now, though there is still lots of room for everyone as youtube will remain a completely evergreen traffic source. To prove that you just have to look at the videos and you will see some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing.



The members area of Tube Traffic Avalanche has a combination of an eBook Blueprint for those who prefer reading the method and a series of over the shoulder HD videos for people who prefer to watch the method being taught in a step by step fashion over the shoulder style. I received my review copy a few days ago so have a lot of time to go through Tube Traffic Avalanche and my overall conclusion is that this is great for beginners but even more experienced marketers who think they have seen it all will still pick up a lot of good tips, tricks and tactics.



After watching the videos in the members area of Tube Traffic Avalanche I have now decided to start making a simple video to go with every review that I write on this site. I will most likely use the video to point back to my site so that people can see the amazing bonuses that I give away through my exclusive links.

I thought that bringing out Tube Traffic Avalanche and teaching what is being taught inside was very refreshing. Many people bring out video products but never seem to give away all the information to really succeed but with Tube Traffic Avalanche no stone is left unturned and you will learn the different ways to use youtube to get different types of traffic.



Youtube videos and Tube Traffic Avalanche teach us that we can use video to pull in a load of free traffic to CPA offers, Amazon Offers, Affiliate Offers and even the newest thing around eCom Products. If you are worried about going on camera then dont because Tube Traffic Avalanche has a very easy and free way to create your videos.


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Another great thing about the Tube Traffic Avalanche method is that all you need is around 30 minutes of your day to set up a few videos and still make a good profit and once those videos climb to the top using the methods inside Tube Traffic Avalanche then you will have a little money machine that will keep bringing you in profits until you take down the video (If you want too, I won’t be…). With this method you can easily start making that $100 per day…



So I guess that I can say that Tube Traffic Avalanche is for you if you want to start making money without any investment and that if you want to work harder then you can completely scale this method up so that you can finally become a full time marketer. After watching Tube Traffic Avalanche I have finally decided to start using video to get more traffic to my site and promote some CPA offers, there is a load of real income proof on the inside of this course and it has made me think what I am missing out on.





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  1. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Dave,

    As with almost all IM products there are always OTO’s…good product creators give you the best value with the main product and the OTO’s are just there to give you a bit of head start or to make your life easier. With this product the OTO’s are useful but not vital to success with the main product…anyway here are the costs

    Tube Traffic Avalanche OTO1 $19.95
    Tube Traffic Avalanche OTO2 $37.00

    Hope this helps,



  2. dave

    Is the any otos with this product(tube traffic avalanche)? If so how many and what is the cost?

  3. Marc (Post author)

    Any thoughts on this new product????

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