Tube Traffic Tornado Review

I had heard a lot about this new product Tube Traffic Tornado and decided to get myself a copy and even though that the main video when you first open the sales page is a little silly in my opinion, the actual product though is a full video step by step over the shoulder training course.


Tube Traffic Tornado is most definitely not some gimmick but an extremely detailed and well thought out product that I learned a lot from and will most likely be putting into action myself. Tube Traffic Tornado uses YouTube to get traffic.

The creator of this product found this new way to get traffic and ran with it and in over 16 days he has created a list of almost 19,000. Having a list of that size is huge and the potential to be able to send one email and make some good money is a guarantee.


Actually Brett, the creator of Tube Traffic Tornado made over $9000 in that 16 days….very impressive and it only took him 7 minutes (I really like this product but nothing takes just 7 minutes, after going through the course I would think that you would need a couple of hours especially if you are new).

The members area of Tube Traffic Tornado is very well laid out and you will not get lost, also if you have any questions there is a very active FB group that you go to to ask Brett questions or ask any other members. Saying that I really cant see how someone can not be able to follow the videos in Tube Traffic Tornado.



The members area of Tube Traffic Tornado has 17 over the shoulder videos, so you just finish one and the next one down is there waiting for you. There are also lots of bonuses and gifts inside as well as the FB group (I will of course be adding my own special bonuses)



I have to say that coming across a solid product like this is a pleasure and anyone who follows these new methods (You have no reason for not being able to follow the video course as it is so broken down that a Child could follow the over the shoulders instructions within Tube Traffic Tornado)


OTO 1 is “Tube Traffic Tornado Ready Made Campaigns”. This will save you a ton of time and effort and get you moving in the right direction even faster, I have to recommend this!

OTO 2 is “One on One Phone Coaching”. It is hard for me to review the coaching as I haven’t seen it but I know that Brett is a good guy who will get you on your way and give you that kick or support you need.



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