Tube Traffic Torpedo Review

This Product Is No Longer Available!

Today is the first time that I will review a product on Video Marketing since reviewing my own Video Product “Video Profit Masters”.

I was kindly given a review copy of Tube Traffic Torpedo by Tobias Aaron Ockermüller and Delilah Taylor who use this method to make a full time income from home (meaning they just didnt put together a load of untested crap but are sharing what makes them their money).

I was not expecting anything new to me as I have been studying and using video for years but I had 2 pleasant surprises, 1 about how the video was created and ranked and 1 about the free targeted traffic source that they use to make a full time income online.



Just because I was given a review copy of Tube Traffic Torpedo does not mean that it buys them a good review from me but as I said i learnt some new things. With this method you will either have to be on camera or do a screencast and talk….so if you are super shy then this may not be for you. Tube Traffic Torpedo shows us a setting on YouTube that once the video is filmed it automatically goes to the front page of Google and YouTube as long as you have written the correct description and used the correct tags. For this old video marketer I was pleasantly surprised to hear of this little trick that I won’t give away here.

Tube Traffic Torpedo is a PDF with an introduction (some bad spelling mistakes I’m afraid to say), then a link to a video with a brief description of what we will hear in each video. The videos are a combination of talking to the screen and screencast which is just right. The main Tube Traffic Torpedo PDF has a total of 8 videos which in my opinion makes a complete product (I hate when something important is left out just to make an OTO).

Now the traffic source is Quora but after watching the 2 videos about this site and how to use it I have to say that it really looks like a great free targeted traffic source. The first video on Quora in Tube Traffic Torpedo is an introduction then the second gets very advanced while still staying easy to follow, after watching these it got my CPA thinking hat on…so many niches…

There are 2 OTO’s both worth the money in my opinion. The first is a live case study titled

“How I got 1.8k Views and 300 clicks thru QUORA (case study)”

Remember this is all from free traffic and we get to see it being over the shoulder as a live case study…

The second OTO for Tube Traffic Torpedo is

Supercharge this method by collecting buyers emails and make more money repeatedly 

This has 2 detailed videos, the first being how to build your list through completely free traffic and the whole list set up. Then there is an interesting video about using Google Hangouts.

Overall I was not expecting much from this product as it is very hard to surprise me with any new methods these days (5+ years working online and you think you have seen it all 100 times) but the little trick that is used to get your video immediately ranked without any SEO or anything besides making the video was great to learn and the power of this traffic source Quora (which I will be exploring more later) has made this a must have if your into video marketing and looking for a new free traffic source.


(if you already have it and would prefer my own new Video Product Video Profit Masters as a bonus then simply email me through the contact page!


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