Tubrr Review

Tubrr Review

Its been awhile since I’ve seen my favourite ways of making money in a course. Enter Tubrr. Check out my Tubrr Review and find out why I think this is the easiest way to get started making money online and building multiple real business’!

Now Tubrr requires no real upfront investment if you do it right and have the right tools (which I am going to help you with).

Now at the time of writing this I have not seen the Tubrr sales page but I have had over a week to go over the detailed training inside of Tubrr.

Now to cut right to the chase I will tell you what Tubrr is about. It is about using YouTube and certain social media platforms to promote CPA and affiliate offers and creating a passive income which in my experience is completely possible!

Now why is Tubrr different from other YouTube and CPA / affiliate courses out there? Well firstly the information in Tubrr is new and completely up-to-date meaning that you know that every video is teaching you the best and most current strategies and methods.

Tubrr Review

Tubrr Review


Over the years I have seen people start a YouTube online business and have great success and to this day run huge YouTube channels and make crazy passive income from both affiliate and CPA offers!

When I was going through all 15 over the shoulder training videos in the member’s area of Tubrr, which also include Cheatsheets and Mindmaps to help you get started even quicker I was reminded of how much money I have made since I started using YouTube in my own business!

I don’t have an exact figure but I would guess about 50% more traffic and sales…ask any video marketer. Tubrr and YouTube and social media are the most powerful free ways to get started making money online today!

Also remember that the methods being taught in Tubrr will NEVER get saturated because YouTube just keeps growing and growing. Google are not stupid and when they saw the power of YouTube what did they do? They bought it!!


Ok, now that I have said how solid a business model I know this is (I actually have a few videos that are real poor quality, basically a few images being shown with some crappy background music that still bring me in 100’s of views a week and bring in regular CPA commissions. I don’t like telling people the niches that I am in but these videos are in the “Payday Loan” niche).

The videos that I am talking about above were slapped together but after almost 4 years still bring me in CPA commissions and that is part of what Tubrr will teach you!

After spending a few weeks with my review access of Tubrr and going through every video I was impressed and it reminded me of the successful students that I have had by using the methods taught in Tubrr!

With that being said there was quite a lot that I actually didn’t know. The market and YouTube niche can change quickly but Tubrr is completely up-to-date (I even changed a few settings on my personal YouTube channels).

Now I don’t want to bore you completely with my review of Tubrr. So besides you now knowing the power of YouTube what else is included?

Tubrr Review

Tubrr Review


Well firstly you are taught how to “outsource” a video for free meaning you never have to make your own video if you don’t want too (though I would recommend learning at some time, I am including some free easy to use Software in my bonuses below that will help)

Also I was surprised again at how deep the whole course went. Tubrr shows you how to get started without any cost involved but also goes way beyond that.

Tubrr goes into great detail about using Facebook pages, Facebook ads, Facebook Live, setting up video niche blogs and how you can use a social media platform that there have not been a lot of courses about. That platform is Reddit!

As you may know I always try to give the most useful bonuses possible but I could not find one good course on Reddit. So I created my own 4 PDFs about Reddit.

Don’t get me wrong Tubrr teaches you how to use Reddit but I like to know as much about something as possible before saying that it works or is a good place to market!

Normally I am used to seeing half of this training or less as the main product then the rest bundled into some kind of OTO or upsell.

Well the main course of Tubrr is packed and will teach you everything that you need to know about choosing niches, getting videos for free, creating videos, using Facebook in many different ways to promote, using Reddit to get more traffic which also helps with laser focusing your niche and all the way up to creating your own niche video sites and a whole lot more!!

Alright. Here is my Tubrr Review summary! If you have no experience you will get good use out of Tubrr. If you are a bit of an experienced YouTube / Video marketer you will get a lot from this course! If you want to make some quick and passive income this is definitely for you…



OTO 1 of Tubrr is a  Done For You Shortcut – Including – 20+ DFY Complete Products for instant Giveaway

250+ Proven Campaign

250+ Facebook Groups + Page

100+ subreddit On 10 Different niches

50+ Proven Campaigns On Different Niches With Youtube Keywords and CC videos.



OTO 2 of Tubrr is a Done For You Package – Including – Youtube channel Art On different Niches…

Facebook Fan Page Cover photo…

Free Image On different Niches

Articles On Different Niches

WordPress Theme

Royalty Free Music


OTO 3 of Tubrr is MEGA Done For You Set Up – Including – CPA/Affiliate Marketing DFY Blog Setup: You will get a complete and fully working WordPress blog on any specific niche. They will do all the technical stuff, they will setup everything that you need to start your new review blog. This package contains:

Install WordPress

Install a Premium WP Theme

Installing Most Important Useful Plugins

Design and setup necessary widgets

Arrange a Giveaway related to user’s niche

5+ Fresh and new article on user’s niche

Facebook Fan Page setup and linking with blog

15 Days Customer Support




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