Twitter Traffic Syphon Review

Offer Now Closed Though Check Out This Latest Twitter Powerhouse


Twitter Traffic Syphon has finally arrived and is a product that I am happy to say will do great things for your traffic (even if like me you don’t use Twitter very much and don’t have a huge following)



I had been waiting for a while to go through Twitter Traffic Syphon as I had already tried to use the new ad system but kind of got lost and gave up so when I saw that a new course was out about how to use the new paid ads and also how to send huge amounts of free targeted traffic I just had to get it and try it out!

Usually I always use Facebook ads to ‘Boost’ my posts after posting on my Facebook page but I think from now on I will be spending my ad budget on Twitter. Now there were many things that I liked about Twitter Traffic Syphon, one of the main things is that it is broken down and easy to use and follow even for someone who is not big on Twittering.



Another thing that attracted me to Twitter Traffic Syphon is that the proof on the sales page is dated and from the CPA network Maxbounty and it is real unlike so many CPA products that I have been reviewing or refusing to review because the so called “Proof” is money made on Warrior + or JVzoo which as we all know is NOT CPA but rather affiliate sales that have been made by the creator using their lists.

The real brains behind Twitter Traffic Syphon is Eric James and he has been crushing it for Months with CPA using the paid ad system and also his completely free system that he has been using to tap into some huge and trending topics to get loads of email submit and ZIP offer commissions.



With the paid version Twitter Traffic Syphon is going to teach you how to send super targeted traffic to free trials as they convert at a much higher commission and several others that will show you how you can make this the most laser targeted traffic available today.

Way back in the day marketers were using Google ads to make a ton, then as social media became so huge marketers starting using Facebook which can be narrowed down to extreme details and now finally Twitter have launched their new advertising platform which a lot of people are going to make a lot of money from and Twitter Traffic Syphon will guide you all the way, literally holding your hand!!

If you want to start making good consistent CPA commissions or even just to send laser traffic to your site then you should try Twitter Traffic Syphon!

OTO 1 is is a fill in the blanks landing templates along with a Tweet Swipe File. This will get you off to crazy fast start and compliments Twitter Traffic Syphon perfectly making it almost impossible to fail.

OTO 2 are 2 blog themes that you can use to convert your native ads. If you are using native ads then this will help speed things up even more. OTO’s should be there to help you get started making money quickly and this is exactly what you are getting..




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