Ultimate CPA Ninja Review

Ultimate CPA Ninja is in my opinion more about list building than making a CPA business. The main method in Ultimate CPA Ninja is to build a list that you can market to over and over, with that being said the free list building techniques are many showing you how to use almost every platform within social media and many others that I had not known. Ultimate CPA Ninja also does employ a very clever way to way to make CPA commissions before getting people onto your list.



The sales page says that there is no budget required in the first page of the sales copy and as you can see from above this is about building a list (which you need certain tools for, ask me if you want and I can help you choose the best, free, special offers to start etc) and using it to market to time and time again. In order to build a list you will need a little money to get started. Getresponse for example offers a free 30 days trial but you still really need a domain and hosting for that domain.


Though even though that little accident is there in the sales copy this is not a bad course about free methods of list building and the very clever thing about Ultimate CPA Ninja is that you can kill 2 birds with one stone. Ultimate CPA Ninja will show you how to build a list in the make money online niche and even before doing that you can earn good CPA commissions.



Many of the methods in Ultimate CPA Ninja to build your list are methods that I have used and still do when I have the time. Though there is one main method that is suggested in Ultimate CPA Ninja that will really build your list fast but you really need to have about 500 subscribers first though luckily with the free methods shown before it will only take you a few days to get that number.

Now the thing is that even though it says that you need no budget the tools you need to build your list are not free. Ultimate CPA Ninja will show you 2 ways to do this. The first is making enough CPA sales without a list then reinvesting it (though that way is not very detailed) or Ultimate CPA Ninja will show you the cheapest and best tools to use to really save you money and get you started making money by building your list.



The good things about Ultimate CPA Ninja are that this method works, there are multiple free traffic sources and you are shown how to use them to build your list. The actual set up of creating the funnel to build your list is quite step by step so even newbies can follow along. Once you have a certain amount of people on your list you are shown a method that many list builders use to get lots of free subscribers and the last great thing is that you are actually building your list in the MMO niche so that means that you can send your list affiliate offers to products on Warrior+ and JVzoo and that in my opinion is better and more profitable than building a list in the niche of Smart Phones for example which means that you can only really send them CPA offers about iPhones or other Smart Phones..

I do not think that Ultimate CPA Ninja is a bad product but should have been called something different and told people what they were going to have to do. In essence Ultimate CPA Ninja is more about building a free list in the MMO niche and before the person goes onto your list they are getting the chance to fill out some CPA offers but in the end you will most likely be sending them affiliate offers which are much much more profitable…



So if building a list for free and making a few CPA commissions along the way interests you, which it really should as having a big list in the MMO niche is about as push button to making money as you can get and Ultimate CPA Ninja is a very detailed PDF guide that will teach you exactly how to do that…

There are 2 OTO’s that are both related but not needed to make this method work, though will help you get there much quicker.


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