uProfit Review

uProfit Review

Recently I said publicly that there are a lot of bad products coming out. Today I am looking at uProfit. Keep reading and check out my full uProfit Review!

Firstly I will say that I have known Rodney (who is speaking in the course) for a while now and we are friends. uProfit is his second product and though is still in the viral video niche it is not the same course that I previously reviewed on this site!

Now it is hard to say something negative about viral systems because if done right it does create some serious cash, especially if you get the niche right!

uProfit Review

uProfit Review


So firstly I will say that the keyword research and niches that are shown in uProfit are ones that I would not have thought of but after going through all 13 over the shoulder videos in the  uProfit members area I was extremely impressed by the level of detail that went into the uProfit keyword and niche research!

Now without giving away everything in uProfit which is a fresh course and has lots of things that I either didn’t know or didn’t know how to do it.

Every little step is shown in uProfit, from getting started to building a full time income online using the power of viral videos which target the right product to the right niche which is how to make money online!



One of the videos that I got a lot from was the Creative Commons video which shows you how YouTube have created a system that not many people know about (me included) that allows you to use the uProfit system and use other people’s videos completely legally!

Now when I was first scrolling through the uProfit members area I saw an affiliate link to a video creator and I was going to click off and make my excuses for not reviewing uProfit. I don’t mind a few affiliate links in a member’s area as long as another free method is shown.

That is exactly what I found in the next uProfit video. A complete walk through on how to create your own videos for completely free using a tool that everyone has access to! Then of course if you don’t want to create your own video the uProfit training shows you exactly how to borrow one completely legally!

uProfit Review

uProfit Review


I have to say that the way that Rodney covered everything and every way to get started depending on your experience really surprised me and made me realise that uProfit and Rodney are really there for the customer.

Alright so over the course of uProfit everything is covered in baby steps on how to get started making big money from viral videos. As Rodney says in the beginning you can get started with completely free tools and no upfront investment.

Though with that being said the main members area of uProfit shows you how to get started for free but also shows you how to reinvest into the uProfit system so that you can start to build your own buyers list if you want too!

Personally I thought that for once they could have split uProfit into a main product and then an upsell…usually I say the complete opposite, but inside this members area everything is really covered.

Alrighty then. My final uProfit Review is that this is a very full course that really does show you everything to start making good money using the power of viral videos and then grow your business even more!


OTO 1: Complete done for you Packs to help you generate results NOW, this will help you generate instant results!


OTO 2: Watch over Rodney’s shoulder as he shows you how to generate 5x to 10x FASTER results today using his PROVEN step by step game plan for MAXIMIZING sales and commissions.


OTO 3: One on One coaching to take this to the next level + 100% resell rights to this funnel!



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