Velocitii Review

Velocitii Review


Ease Of Training


Quality Of Training


Value For Money



  • If put into action both the software and traffic methods This will build you a business and a buyers list!


  • I thought the traffic training was ok...but just to be sure I have added my best free and paid traffic courses (Scroll Down To See Them)

Lets find out in my Velocitii Review what the sales page does not tell you and if this is for you!


Hey there! Today I hope to give you a firm idea in this Velocitii Review what you will be doing to make money! First thing that I will say is that I don’t always review products by Mosh and Jason, usually because they don’t really fit with this site but I thought that Velocitii could be a good combination.

Velocitii Review

Velocitii Review


When I say combination that is because Velocitii is a full training course and a very clever plugin that allows you to create and promote up to 10 products using all of the creators funnels and products.

Very often I hear that people say that traffic is the hardest part of online marketing. In many ways it is but much more important is utilising that traffic and getting it to convert.

So what if you were to be able to use the Velocitii creators products and funnels as your own?

So with Velocitii you have 10 different funnels with 10 different products and all the upsells that you can send your traffic too.

Velocitii Review

Velocitii Review


You have to remember that the creators of Velocitii have spent 1000’s of Dollars creating these funnels so that they convert very highly (including the upsells) which you can take credit for!

The Velocitii software is very easy to use and set up, I tried it myself, though as I have other places that I need traffic I wont be using it, though if I had a lot of spare traffic I would give it a go.

I know that many of you may have seen or heard of funnels but there was one little trick that I will be adding to my funnels that is a very clever trick.

The Velocitii funnel does not ask for your email right away, to make your traffic more comfortable they just have to click a button that says something like “Click To Gain Access”.

Velocitii Review

Velocitii Review


That may seem like nothing but I know that the Velocitii guys have been using this method to build their lists so in this case they are actually using what they are teaching…

So once you click to learn more you are then taken to a page that asks for your email, once you enter your email then you get led through the funnel that you have chosen. Simple but powerful!

Now the next thing that you will be asking yourself is where do I get traffic from?

Inside the members area of Velocitii there are multiple traffic methods, both free and paid (I will also be adding in my best traffic products to boost your traffic 100x more).

The Velocitii paid traffic section shows you multiple websites that I had never even heard of where you can get clicks for as little 0.30c.

Velocitii free traffic methods are decent though I did know most of them and actually use a few of them.

The traffic part does not end there, there are 5 videos on getting buyer traffic. I have to admit that I had not thought about these methods (besides a bit about Facebook in 1 video) and honestly I think that they could really work.

The buyer traffic videos in Velocitii are brave and a few of them VERY different but for that reason I think that they may just work.

Velocitii Review

Velocitii Review


Alright Dear readers, I came into this Velocitii review not having a clue what it was about but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Velocitii solves a lot of problems that people have. Some people need traffic to a website or to a CPA offer.

Some people get traffic courses and have no idea what to with the traffic when they get it…

So Velocitii solves both those problems. Traffic and what to do with it so that you actually make money and of course build your own buyers list. Not bad for the low cost of software and training.

Before I list the OTOs or upsells Remember to check out my bonuses below!

Now there are 4 OTOs (which is a lot but don’t let that put you off), with my bonuses and the main training that is all that you need.

If you want to save sometime then you can see when you buy through my sites bonus filled link.


OTO 1 of Velocitii is a complete Done for you package!


OTO 2 of Velocitii is something called “Money Machines” which I believe is advanced traffic training!


OTO 3 of Velocitii is Advanced secrets!


OTO 4 of Velocitii is Automate the training and program!







Vendor Bonuses (A large list of different products and trainings that got given to me by the vendors. Ill show you in my video review)


Complete Set Of FREE traffic Methods (This is a packed 23 videos of every free and high converting traffic method that I know of which will add massively to the training provided)


New Twitter marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos that go through how you really can drive a lot of passive traffic from Twitter and set it to be automated)


The Newest Approach to Instagram Marketing (Full PDF training with 12HD videos. People over look Instagram every day but if you follow this training you will be amazed at the amount of traffic that you can generate)


Online ad Secrets (main course PDF – 24 HD videos. This training literally covers every type of online ads that have been thought about. Each video is a different ad network explained!)


Total Traffic Time (12 HD videos on 6 free and 6 paid traffic methods that you can choose from. Use 1 or try them all. Some of These can be used together and some are set and forget)


Baby To Beginner Facebook ads (10 PDF’s and 10 HD Videos that walk you through the massive jungle of setting up and using FB ads to get cheap clicks and drive massive amounts of traffic)


Bing Ads Power Training (Full course PDF training – 10 HD video training that will walk you step by step through the Bing traffic system which without this training can very daunting)


Facebook Fan Page Traffic (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF that is packed with the most powerful ways to drive traffic from Facebook. You can use this with ads or pull free traffic from FB)


My Massive Pinterest Package (I created this for another launch but it has 5 PDFs and 10 videos on the latest methods for pulling traffic from Pinterest. I over looked Pinterest for years but since using it cant believe the traffic that you can get)


4 Surprise Traffic Courses (I added 4 extra courses which will be in the download link when you click my link and access your bonuses)



Get Started With Velocitii Today And Get My Carefully Selected Bonuses by CLICKING HERE!



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