VidElite Review

VidElite Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • These type of videos work...plain and simple and can be used by anyone in any niche!
  • In my video Ill show you the video that I made and make another quickly to show you how easy and powerful this is (again scroll down to the video on this page)


  • There is no SEO training and if you dont have a WordPress site then you cant use this BUT I have you covered on both of those things (Scroll to the bottom to have a look)

VidElite Review – A cool toy or something that you can really use in your business!


I am going to be straight up in my VidElite review. My first thought after being contacted by Declan was oh no! Another WordPress Plugin…

I have just finished testing it and I have to be honest and say that I really like VidElite. After speaking with Declan about VidElite in Portugal recently (That’s me and Declan below).

VidElite Review

VidElite Review – Chatting With Declan


The way that he explained it did not do the software justice! I was expecting something like WP Ultra Pop (Which I am giving away as a bonus below)

Now my normal way of making videos is by recording the screen and talking about the product or service that I am looking at or testing. VidElite is nothing like that.

What happens when I decide to bring video into my new dog site? Yes I love dogs but cant really record the screen and I only have 1 dog of my own.

This is where VidElite is going to be so powerful for me. I can turn blog posts that I make about a doggie product into a video and I don’t even have to talk.

VidElite Review

VidElite Review


Below in my VidElite video review I will show you me making one Live!

I have already made one this morning and posted to Facebook which took less than 1 minute. I didn’t use all the VidElite features to customize the video.

I just selected a post and it was made…BOOM! So easy!

Once my Wife saw the VidElite video on Facebook she instantly said get a real copy of that “We can use it for our online tour business”.

VidElite Review

VidElite Review


There are so many reasons what you could use VidElite for its unbelievable. The affiliate page is going with the angle of being able to use VidElite for VSLs (Video Sales Letters).

The videos that you see on almost every sales page these days are VSLs.

Though like I said above VidElite is perfect for being able to become a successful video marketer without ever having to talk on camera and you can use it in any niche.

Another example that I just thought of that VidElite would be great for. I was contacted by a fellow marketer who I talk to quite a lot and he had a little business idea.

Basically he has 2 high selling products on Clickbank in 2 very different niches (Think personal hygiene gone wrong).

Anyway he suggested that we use my SEO knowledge and outsource everything else to build 2 new sites to promote these “Weird niche” problem solving products.

Video is an important part of SEO and VidElite would be perfect to promote these 2 products as I don’t want to really stand in front of a camera or even talk about these niches.

So we create a quick blog post, add in some pictures and use VidElite to do all the heavy and embarrassing work for us!

That is just one of the ways that I could use VidElite.

I can use VidElite for my new Dogggie site!

I can use VidElite for my Online tour company!

I can use VidElite to promote CPA ads by ranking on Youtube!

VidElite has so many uses that in my honest opinion for the small price and the bonuses that I am giving away you could build a very successful business out of this.

VidElite Review

VidElite Review


Or of course you can just use VidElite to grow your current one.

People actually love these short types of videos and cant help but get laser focused on them.

So I guess that you have guessed that I really like this software and will be using it myself.

My final VidElite Review is that it has so many uses that is a very worth while easy to use software to pick up!

You could even use it for fun things like writing a post to tell your Wife or Girl / boy Friend how much you love them. Say it with a cool video with music and pictures using VidElite!

There only a few Upsells which is good…


OTO 1 is called VidElite PRO which has more features (Probably worth getting, I would if I didn’t get it for free)


OTO 2 of VidElite is Reseller Rights! (Unless you want to sell VidElite then the basic or PRO and my bonuses are all that you need!)





Firstly the vendor bonuses (which are actually very cool and useful)


WP UltraPop Reseller rights (A very cool plugin that not only pops up video but you can make a link from that pop up and it follows you as you scroll up your page. I reviewed it on this site last year if you want to do a quick search on the top right hand corner)


WP SociConnect Reseller Rights (A smart plugin for sharing content and using it to go viral)


Animatio Reseller Rights (A very clever plugin that allows you to select any content on your site to move up and down so that it gets peoples eyes drawn to it. I am keeping this bonus for myself I like it so much)


Now my carefully selected bonuses below from my private collection!


59 Minutes Live training recorded With Me (I have only ever shown this outside my own private coaching, I did make it for another software but it is perfect for this software also. I show you everything that I do to rank on the first page with video)


My own Video Ranking PDF training (This shows exactly how to get high rankings on Youtube and how to optimize your channel for maximum results)


Become an SEO expert (2 full PDFs and over 20 videos on every aspect that you will ever need to know about SEO. This is actually 2 full courses with both upsells and will take you from complete beginner to expert SEO guru)


Massive Graphics pack (I used this as part of an upsell on a previous launch and includes every type of graphic that you will ever need to make your posts or videos jump out at people)


3 Full YouTube Training courses (These are 4 full Youtube training courses that all cover different aspects of Video and Youtube marketing. Over 35 videos and multiple PDF’s and cheat sheets)


Instant YouTube Channel Done For You Authority (I am giving you the rights to use all of these videos on your own channel. This will bring you instant authority and show YouTube that you have vast selection of videos “How To Videos” Including videos on the topics of Adwords – Aweber – Clickbank – Facebook – Getresponse – Hootsuite – Instagram – Linkedin – Paypal – Pinterest – Twitter – Webhosting – WordPress and YouTube)


The Best Free Traffic Methods Around (I am giving you 23 videos that will show you 20+ free traffic methods to boost your videos for free. Some of the methods are set and forget and some you have to keep implementing. All the free traffic that you will ever need)


7+ hours of Advanced WordPress training from me (I am taking this last bonus down after the launch as I will be putting it into a high ticket and coaching offer. This was released by myself and 2 partners under the name of Traffic Victory, though all the training is done by me. This is a complete case study of what I do and how to get multiple page 1 rankings in any niche. Some say this is the product of the year. Go to my Testimonial page and scroll down to what other people had to say about my training. Again This is being taken down after the launch)


20 WordPress Full Data Base Niche Authority Sites (If you don’t already have a WordPress site then simply choose a domain and upload any of these beautiful WP niche sites. You have over 20 niches to choose from and all sites come with content, graphics, Logos, legal pages and everything else that you need to get started. This is the ultimate Done For You Package!)



Get ALL The Bonuses Above By Clicking HERE Through my Exclusive Link!


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