Video Ads Mastery Review

Video Ads Mastery Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Tons of people...real students making money already!
  • Teaches interesting niches!
  • You really can start with just a small budget!


  • I will update when I find one...

Video Ads Mastery Review


I was not planning to review anything for the next few days but then I saw Video Ads Mastery. I only decided to review Video Ads Mastery because I wanted it for myself. Check out my Video Ads Mastery Review!

I would have happily paid for it but being a product reviewer (who actually looks and reviews the product), not just rewriting the sales page like most “Reviewers” I see these days on Google I got full access to Video Ads Mastery.

Now honestly at first I thought Video Ads Mastery was about YouTube ads but it is not. Video Ads Mastery is all about using the power of Facebook to target sub niches and make some rather amazing money without maxing your credit card!

Video Ads Mastery Review

Video Ads Mastery Review


Something that I always like in products that I review are case studies which usually come inside of the course but with Video Ads Mastery the team behind this course have been using this themselves and teaching students of theirs how to implement Video Ads Mastery.

All you have to is look at the sales page of Video Ads Mastery to see the ton of results, of people investing as little as $5 with no experience, no sales funnels, no lists and still using the Video Ads Mastery to make money.

If you have laptop and are ok with starting out from the very beginning then Video Ads Mastery has everything that you need to get started making money online and even more than that being able to scale and scale.

Inside of the Video Ads Mastery members area there are 11 over the shoulder training videos plus templates to help set up your ads.

One of my own questions about Video Ads Mastery was answered in one of the first videos I watched and that was do you need to make the videos yourself.

Now I have no problem making the videos you see me in but what if I am targeting the sub niche of “Fly Fishing”? What then? Well Video Ads Mastery shows you the easiest and completely legal way to use videos that do not belong to you.

Video Ads Mastery Review

Video Ads Mastery Review


I don’t want to just repeat what is already on the sales page but Video Ads Mastery teaches us how to set up our first video ad, part of the method is creating multiple video ads so that you can find the perfect ad and perfect audience.

Video Ads Mastery is delivered by Sam Finlay who speaks very clearly and gets straight to the point without going way off topic.

Another thing that will really help me from Video Ads Mastery is the retargeting that they use and also something called lookalike audiences which I have never used and only vaguely heard of.

It is also very refreshing to see that Video Ads Mastery teaches and actually focuses on niches rather than selling the same old MMO niche.

Also just knowing that if you get Video Ads Mastery you can start small, choose your niche and grow very rapidly

Maybe you are already on Facebook but have had trouble finding a course that you can use to promote your niche whether it is plants, dogs or baby hats. The example that Sam is using in the course is certain very small dog that is very popular.

My final Video Ads Mastery Review is that this is a very well put together course brought to us by the guys who created “The Penny Clicks Academy” which created 1000’s of real success stories and I firmly believe that if you try and take action with Video Ads Mastery you will succeed.


OTO 1 is a massive Done For You package (or page). I just had a look through and there are so many videos, files, templates and loads more. One of the best DFY packs I have seen in a while.


OTO 2 is special software that finds eCOM products on Alibaba to sell and does a load more from what I saw! (I will be including my own full course on how to create a drop shipping business)


OTO 3 is for people who want their hand held until success with this private coaching and training!


The guys behind Video Ads Mastery have given every affiliate the same bonuses to give away including the products below. I will be giving you these products as well as my own special bonuses which will help you out a lot with Video Ads Mastery!

From Video Ads Mastery Team Below –


Social Pixel – powerful WP software to store all your custom pixels in one place!

50 FB ad Templates – Get started quickly and reuse the most popular!

The Ideal Customer Work Sheet – Practise picking the right people for your ads!

The FB Retargeting Pixel – Custom coding with full instructions!








Alibaba Extreme Profit System (a 12 HD intensive Video training that will teach you everything you will need to know from finding products to sell, which niches to use, having your products shipped, receiving payment, setting up your Alibaba Trade Account and so so much more)


FBA Profit Masters (9 HD video course on how to use the power of FBA to make a killing on Amazon, Ebay, craigslist or drive traffic to anywhere, includes auctions, the power of coupons and the power of local sources – Not to be missed)


Shopify BluePrint (4 HD videos that will help you get started with Shopify and finding the best products that will sell like crazy – A great start into eCom and Shopify)


eCom Mega Bonus (50 top selling physical products – Physical product training – Facebook Explosive Training – WP Tee Contest Plugin + Full Training – 70 Top Dropshipping and Wholesale Sources, unknown but very profitable sources – The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping – 2,500 TOP Selling Products in over 10 Niches)


Facebook Ad Secrets (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fanpage is even more targeted than having a list – extremely eye opening training)


DropShipping 101 and Shopify Blueprint (main course PDF – 10 HD videos on everything that you need to get started with the highly profitable world of dropshipping including the OTO of 10 HD videos that show you how to get started setting up your first store – A great introduction to DropShipping course)


Niche Authority Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Learn the power of finding and using the correct niche that has not too much competion or too little and how to exploit it and make the most ofr any niche that you are already in. Every marketer can use this to save untold hours of research plus training on how to tackle the niche that you are in)


Facebook Ads Guru (A 16 video course on how to set up your Facebook ads for super low clicks and conversions, huge amounts of step by step detail that is almost copy paste – perfect for affiliates, list builders, CPA or even eCOM)



Grab Video Ads Mastery Plus EVERY Bonus Above When You Buy Through My Sites Exclusive Links – CLICK BELOW.






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