Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 Review

YouTube Playlist Gallery WP Plugin – 6 x 48h Price Blowout!

Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 is a new state of the art WordPress Plugin that will give your viewers a superb experience. The sales page of Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 is very detailed with how to use the Plugin and loads of examples so I will keep this review short.


Basically Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 is added to your WordPress site then you can go onto YouTube and create a playlist for your post or page and add it onto the page either alone or with some content below or after! Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 will allow you to have up to 50 videos on your playlist. The examples look very cool and I can think of a ton of ideas as to how Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 could be used!

It is perfect for Internet Marketers or Bloggers or anyone really who wants to have an amazing looking playlist on their site or blog. So imagine if you will one main video on show but above that main video you have the rest of your playlist showing up as live active thumbnails that you can click and then they become the main video on screen.


I would use Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 if I was going to create my next product and use it in the members area of the product to show the training videos for easy access or it would also be great to show review videos on your site. Actually one of the bonuses being offered at the moment is just that. A template to create a money making Review site!

The actual Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 Plugin takes minutes to set up and is super user friendly and will keep people on your site for longer, so a much lower bounce rate and the longer folks stay on your site the more chance they will buy something!

What you could do with Video Playlist Gallery WP 2.0 is really quite unlimited and will be a super useful tool to play around with and if you buy now you will get a great discount plus many bonuses (and the bonuses that I will be offering below)


There are a couple of OTO’s.

OTO 1 is the Video Playlist Gallery 2.0 Enterprise Package (make more money and start a business!)

OTO 2 is the Video Playlist Gallery WP Premium Upgrade (kind of explains itself)

Video Playlist Gallery 2.0 will make your site much more user friendly, keep people longer on your site and it is only your imagination that will stop you with this cool Plugin!!!


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