Video Profit System Review

Video Profit System is the latest product by Online Millionaire Alex Jeffreys. I have just went over the info inside the members of Video Profit System and there is a lot of information inside Video Profit System. The main course is in the form of an 80 minute long video with Alex talking through the method of Video Profit System but luckily he has also created a transcript for those who prefer to read than listen to Alex talk for 80 minutes. I would have prefered if Video Profit System had been broken up into several videos. Listening to anyone speak for 80 minutes is a long time!

Members area


Inside the members area of Video Profit System there is also an introduction video of Alex talking in his usual excited way about how great Video Profit System is and how much money can be made with it. As you scroll down the members area of Video Profit System there is a Facebook group then the main training of the video showing the full method of Video Profit System (which luckily there is a download link so you can pause it or play it on your favourite player).


Included in the main members area of Video Profit System are a ‘Fill in the Blanks Template’. You can also download Video Profit System to MP3 so that you can listen to it from your car etc. There are also more bonuses such as ‘4 Day Cash Vacuum’ and a Product Creation template, a Rules Sheet and a Mind Map.



Then in the Video Profit System main area there are even more bonuses though these are things that will make Video Profit System much easier such as “Three Done for Video Profit Systems”, a product checklist and a 600k Case Study which is very interesting and adds great quality to the method Video Profit System.

Everyone knows that video is the future and those that make even a few videos will be surprised by the results. Alex teaches in Video Profit System how to set up video campaigns and how to make money from them. With Video Profit System you will learn how to drive massive traffic to anywhere, your list, a website, a CPA offer or an Affiliate Offer! Many of the methods in Video Profit System are not new to me but I have read or watched everything on video marketing. I must admit that I did fall asleep during the main 80 minutes of Alex explaining the Video Profit System but went back the next day and found that what he teaches that can be done with the power of video is amazing!



One thing about Video Profit System and Alex are that you always get huge amounts of quality content and bonuses and lots of actionable content and Video Profit System is no different. I am going to put many of the things into practise that Alex teaches in his latest course Video Profit System and tweak many of my current videos. I have also realised that I should be using the traffic methods that Alex teaches to build my list to a much higher amount and with the teachings inside Video Profit System I know now how to do that!

Video Profit System will be very useful for beginners and even more experienced video marketers, and with all the bonuses inside you cant go wrong. My only problem is that because Alex is used to giving lectures and training sessions on stage the main video is way to long and should have been broken down into smaller bite size chunks with labels such as “How to create your first video” or “This is how to build your list”.

members area video


Overall for the price and time and what you learn in this product I have to recommend it!



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