Video Prospector Jack Review

Video Prospector Jack is Finally Here!

So 2 days ago I got my review copy of Video Prospector Jack and have quite literally spent 2 days going through all the info that is contained inside the easy to use members area of Video Prospector Jack.


This is the latest client getting super method by Jack Hopman. Video Prospector Jack is finally here, I have been hearing many good things about this new product and they were all true.

As you have probably seen from my other reviews I tell it how it is and have quite a lot of experience when it comes to getting new clients for my Offline business and let me just say that Video Prospector Jack is one of the best client getting tools that I have seen in quite a while.

Turning a cold client into a hot client that trusts you is very hard with so many Internet Marketers trying the same tricks but with Video Prospector Jack you will have an amazing way to get your foot in the door and build trust.


With the simple easy to use system that is Video Prospector Jack you will be able to quickly identify new prospects using the templates, tools and of course very high converting videos that are available inside the packed members area. With Video Prospector Jack you will instantly become an expert in the eyes of your clients.

Video Prospector Jack will save you a ton of time sending cold emails that never seem to convert properly. The idea behind getting new clients is to build trust with them so that they will always come back to you if they need some extra service. In my experience once you build trust with a client you have that client for life and that is what Video Prospector Jack is all about.

Video Prospector Jack is perfect if you not very Techy, its perfect for beginners, it is perfect if you need new and eager clients and it is also perfect if you are on a low budget.

The other thing that I like about all of Jack’s products and Video Prospector Jack is no different and that Jack is there to help you out and answer any questions you may have.


I spent 2 days going over all the info in Video Prospector Jack and I could still go through it some more as it is filled with Golden Nuggets and an easy to follow plan that will make you wish that you had, had this product a long time ago.

Video Prospector Jack really is the tool and training that you need to build up your business even if you are starting from 0 and have no clients. This training has the ability to propel your business into a 6 Figure machine very quickly…

OTO 1 is The Sales Dynamite Jack (This will allow you to get your own client getting Website set up with a few clicks and so so much more)

OTO 2 is is the Biz Lead Finder (You will get access to 100,000’s of business’ which have not been contacted before and are perfect to contact, you will get an integrated autoresponder, a software that lets you know if the business has a Website or not and so so much more)




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