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I cannot help but think this that Video Stream Mail is going to be a hit with buyers. It puts together 2 of the most popular product types into 1 software – Video and Email Marketing!

Video Stream Mail is a downloadable desktop software that gives you the power to put small little videos into your email campaigns and I am not talking about a link to a YouTube video here but an HTML created to size video that starts playing the moment that you open the email. It also means that when the video starts to play Video Stream Mail software can put a link into the video so that when the person opening the video clicks the3 video they can get pointed to your affiliate offer!


Video Stream Mail is a very powerful software that has through tests has been shown that people much prefer watching video. Check it out below!

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The Video Stream Mail is the first of its kind and I am sure that it will increase open rates to your subscribers, of that I have no doubt. Maybe this is the future of email marketing? Time will tell but I for one believe that this is a great idea and will really transform your open rates, sales and click throughs. I for one will be giving it a shot!

The Video Stream Mail software itself is very clever and does everything for you so messing around with HTML or anything like that. Rather you have a very easy to use interface, a built in HTML editor to add email copy into video emails, built in processing that embeds and makes your video emails look tidy and complete.

Video Stream Mail will also of course produce very professional video emails every time with push button ease! The whole process is almost 100% automated so that you can make amazing and varied videos every time!

Video Stream Mail started as an eBook by Michael Nicholas until he contacted Cliff Carrigan who decided to team up and make the whole process completely automatic by giving us the Video Stream Mail Software!

I think that for people with lists or who have small lists this could be am amazing way to get more clicks and sales to even the smallest list. This is something that I will be using in my email campaigns from now on!

I would of course love you buy from my site and to make it worth it your while I will be throwing in the bonus products below that total over 76 MB’s and cost over 490$.

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