Videtar Review

Videtar Review


Ease Of Training


Quality Of Training


Value For Money



  • This does exactly what it says on the sales page!


  • The sales page says that you can rank just using this software. I do not agree. I rank every day on YouTube and Google so I know what I am talking about. To Solve this issue I have included my own personal training that I never share outside of my high ticket coaching (Scroll to the bottom to see)
  • There are 5 Upsells but I have broken down which (If any) you would need!

Find out more in my Videtar Review if this new software really can help you rank on YouTube!


Hi Readers and fellow Marketers! Normally I review something before it comes out but as I got asked by so many people about this new software I decided to do a late Videtar Review!

First thing that I will say is that there are a lot of features in Videtar which could easily replace a lot of video marketers tools.

Videtar Review

Videtar Review

I am a video marketer, as well as many other things and the one feature that caught my eye right away when looking at Videtar is the Live Event Feature.

I use almost every day a software that allows me to use Live Events without actually being Live. I have been using a software called Live Event Blaster.

Now if Videtar can do the same thing as LEB then with all the other features then I may very well switch over to Videtar.

Videtar Review

Videtar Review


One of the people behind Videtar is Cindy Donavon who has brought out great products such as Shopabot and Drop Gecko.

I know that many people have had huge success with both those software’s so when I saw Cindy was behind this launch I knew Videtar must be good.

Now the thing with software and Videtar is no different is that on the sales page they show you a demo so you know exactly what you are buying so I will not just repeat what the sales page says.

Videtar Review

Videtar Review


Rather I will tell you what I thought and why I think Videtar could be a great tool for video marketers!

One of the problems that many people have about becoming a video marketer is that they are to shy or afraid to talk on camera, of course there is nothing wrong with that.

When I first started getting into YouTube and video marketing I hated speaking on camera, now I am used to it and I find it easy.

The very cool thing about Videtar is that you don’t have to record yourself speaking (you can if you wanted to) but Videtar is based around using other peoples videos and adding in your own branding to make that your own.

You may be thinking but is that not copy right?

Well I checked and its not…which means that you can use any video on YouTube and download into Videtar and make it your own with banners, Logos, CTA’s, your own audio, background, text and a lot more.

Videtar will then allow you to upload your video to your own channel as your video, with your own description and tags which can all be done inside of Videtar (Which is a cloud based software).

Videtar Review

Videtar Review


Right now I am starting to get into new niches so there are a lot of niches that I don’t know enough to talk about on video so I could use Videtar for this…

Anyway when you are uploading your new video you can upload it as a Live Event which is always better and gets you easier rankings BUT I know from personal experience that you do need to use some SEO to get to the top and stay there.

That is why I am including my own training that I only teach to my high ticket students on how to rank and grow your channel (Trust me, you will never have seen this in any other product).

Also on the topic of bonuses that I got to give away with my Videtar review there are some seriously great vendor bonuses. I’ve already downloaded 2 software’s that I will be keeping and using ?.

Alright dear readers I have already written 620 words so I am going to close off this Videtar review by saying that if you are a new video marketer or a more experienced one like me then I think that Videtar really is worth the money.

There are a few OTO’s or upsells which I will list below! (OTO 2 is the best im my opinion and the one that I would buy, though OTO 1 could be useful if you are into many different niches.



OTO 1 is called Videtar PRO, this has many cooler features including premium support and Done for you Green Screen videos.


OTO 2 is called Videtar Social Syndication, this is an extra feature added that will instantly post your videos on 5 major social networks! (If I had to choose ONLY 1 OTO I would choose this as its great for SEO and traffic)


OTO 3 of Videtar is Video Agency Access! This is only useful if you need to create sub accounts for other people!


OTO 4 of Videtar is Resellers Rights. Basically you can sell this as your own!





First the Vendor bonuses (Usually vendor bonuses are old or not the best but these vendor bonuses are very good. I show them right at the beginning of my video review!)


Marc Grays Private Training on YouTube Ranking and Optimization (As I said above I think that this is a good software but to really rank and stay there you really need this. Never been shown outside my private coaching)


A 1 hour recorded video training session with Marc Gray (I created this for Live Event Blaster but it is perfect for this software as well. I show you again all of my little tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years to Blast your rankings and channel optimization)


2 Full Current SEO courses (This is 2 full courses on every aspect of SEO and ranking. 2 PDF’s and 20 videos that will again help you keep up with ranking and getting the best results)


Affiliate Amazon Profits guide (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 16 HD videos. If you don’t know where to start with your new software this training will show you how you can bring in Thousands per day using only Amazon)


Huge Graphics Pack (This is 3 zip files full of ever kind of graphic that you could ever need and as with this software you can upload your own graphics to make your videos look even better then I think this goes perfectly)


Niche Marketing (main course PDF – Cheatsheet and Mindmap + 10 HD videos. Finding the right niche can be one of the toughest things to do. People spend weeks trying to find the perfect niche. With this full training you will be able to target your niche in no time)


The Golden Niche List (Again this a product created by me that shows you over 90 niches to target and also with the click of a button takes you to a high converting Clickbank product!)



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